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so im running ios 8.1.2 on a 64gig iphone 6. 3 days ago (my last download) my protube was working perfectly and this morning my mewseek was also functioning. Ive been at school all day with little to no signal so nothing new has been downloaded (tweaks, apps, etc) since that time this morning. Now I will try and download something through protube into a MP4 format and it will freeze, then give me a message stating "The download failed The conversion Failed: the operation could not be completed" for this problem i have tried reinstalling through cydia, and troubleshooting. Nothing has worked. This is making the most irritated because i have paid for something i now cannot use. For mewseek, i have tried downloading the same song from this morning because i never added it to my ipod collection after it was downloading. Now when I try to listen to a song before downloading it, i get a message stating "audio error attempt to play streaming audio has failed" then at the downloads section the songs say "invalid or corrupted mp3 file" in red letters. I repeat: i do NOT have cracked apps i paid for protube and got them both through the stock sources in cydia.

Sources: BigBoss, Cydia/Telesphoreo,,ZodTTD & MacCiti, Packages: Activator, AFVideo, Alkaline, AppList, Artless, BigBoss Icon Set, Bridge, BytaFont2, BytaFont Cydget, CleanUp, ConvoPics, Cydget, Cydia Installer, Cydia Substrate, Cydia Translations, FlipControlCenter, GhostPrefs, Heartbeat logo + requests, HideLabels, iCleaner, iFile, insanelyi Setup, KillBackground8, MewSeek, MxTube, NoAppStoreRedirect, NoPhotosCollections, OneTapClear, OSLite8, PandoraSkips, PhotoAlbums+ for iOS8, Power Tap, Priority Hub, ProTube, Quicksand Font, Record'n'Torch, SafariRefresh, SaveGram,SBFlip, ShareWidget for iOS8, ShowCase, SimpleCCMedia, StatusHUD 2, Substrate Safe Mode, SwipeSelection, SystemWidePredicitiveText, TaiG 8.0-8.1.X Untether, TaiG AFC2, ToneEnabler, ToneEnabler, True iRadio, UnlimTones, UntetheredHeySiri, Vine++, Zeppelin

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Go to /var/mobile/Library/preferences and delete all files related to Protube. This will restore protube to defaults. As for mewseek, isn't it outdated? You have Bridge so mewseek is pointless. Also, remove that insanelyi setup from your device.


answered 10 Mar '15, 21:45

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edited 10 Mar '15, 21:48

Try buying the tweaks and stop using piracy ....things work better then.

We dont support piracy here remove everything g you got from insanely repo. Try supporting developers and not stealing their work .

Of course you have no cracked apps etc..... That's why you've removed the repos you mentioned here but then added a different piracy repo.


answered 11 Mar '15, 03:30

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edited 11 Mar '15, 03:34

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