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Other is taking up half of my 64 gb iPhone. I had to remove everything off my phone to have a reasonable amount of memory in reserve. I have used cleaner and it free 1 GB extra.

Can somebody help me find a resolution?

I had 33 GB left and overnight it was all gone. I hadn't added anything or changed anything.

What would cause so much memory to be used overnight?

asked 02 Mar '15, 09:58

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closed 02 Mar '15, 21:20

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spockers ♦♦

List all tweaks and repos here please, before we go any further

Oh yeah and how about version of iOS, etc?

(02 Mar '15, 10:01) Hebbydyr Hebbydyr's gravatar image

Thanks in advance for all the help!

8.1 (12B411) cydia/telephoreo dtathemes repo harrison apps repo insanaelyi repo zodttd & macCiti

Activator AdvancedSettings8 Alive iconOmatic 2 Always Clear AppList Barrel Bdayspotify Bloard Bolt Bootup CallConnect DateinStatusbar Disable App Switcher Rotation Faketimewarner Flux Fbnoneedmessenger FBCopyTXT ForceGoodFit Harbor Icleanerpro ifile instagram++ LocallApStore Moviebox v3 Moviebox 3 Complete Musicbox Miwi miwi Ondemand noappstoreredirect Noslowanimations Nitrous ShowCase PandoraDownloader Pangu App Revover Pulltorespring

RecentFacebook SBHTML ShowCase Softwareupdatekiller Swipe selection pro tinybar toneEnabler Transparentvolume unlimited itunes radio skips 8 unlimitedphotos Unlimtones Virtual Home whatsappReadReceiptDisable Winterboard youtube Essentials Zeppelin 3Gunrestrictor

(02 Mar '15, 10:34) Hollbr2 Hollbr2's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by spockers, 02 Mar '15, 21:20

Please go to another website for help. You have piracy repos on your phone and we do not support pirates on this site.


answered 02 Mar '15, 10:38

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I've learned what I know from people on youtube... All I use is bdayspotify and PandoraDowndoader just for unlimited skips. I was unaware that I was downloading anything wrong as I pay for all my apps that cost to support developers.... Please advise what repos are bad?

(02 Mar '15, 10:57) Hollbr2 Hollbr2's gravatar image

Those repos are bad, which Cydia CLEARLY warns you BEFORE installation.

(02 Mar '15, 11:12) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

Remove Dtathemes, insanelyi, the remove cydia substrate, now your tweaks will all uninstall, just install them back without using the repos I said to remove, then you should be pirate-free

(02 Mar '15, 11:12) Hamza_ Hamza_'s gravatar image

Sweet! thank you!

(02 Mar '15, 11:21) Hollbr2 Hollbr2's gravatar image

I just removed those 2 sources and then removed cydia substrate. checked under installed and confirmed they are all gone! I then powered off and back on and I still havent gained back anymore memory. So I ran icleaner and after reboot it I have 255 more mb. Anything else I can do?

(02 Mar '15, 11:33) Hollbr2 Hollbr2's gravatar image

Is Harrison apps okay?

(02 Mar '15, 11:33) Hollbr2 Hollbr2's gravatar image

@Hebbydyr please do not speak to uses that way..... We don't tell users to go elsewhere unless they repetitively breach our rules and ignore our advice. The response should be ..."we don't support piracy ....this is why....... Blah blah ....please remove it if you wish assistance". Or words to that effect.

@hollbr2 please use the add a comment tab unless answering the original question..

Harrison apps is ok to add.

(02 Mar '15, 11:38) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

I did everything you all said and I still didn't get my memory back. Just to be clear when I removed Cydia Substrate it did do exactly as you said and removed all tweaks. I tried a soft and hard reboot to see if my accurate memory would calculate and it did NOT. So I went home thinking if I plug it in to iTunes and do a sync it would fix it.... That didn't work...... Any other ideas :)

(02 Mar '15, 14:11) Hollbr2 Hollbr2's gravatar image

After one more reboot and 1 more icleaner and restart IT WORKED! Thank you to all who were so very helpful. 44 GB available!!!!!!

(02 Mar '15, 14:50) Hollbr2 Hollbr2's gravatar image

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