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Hey there. So, for the past few months I've been having this issue: whatever app I use, the app closes out, goes to the Homescreen, then iTunes app opens by itself for a split second, shows top charts apps (apps!! WTF?) then closes out back to the home screen. It happens in total random times and with different apps.


It's been driving me mad, do you have any idea what could cause such thing? I feel like I'm losing control over my iPhone for this few couple of seconds period and that really terrifies me. Help!

asked 19 Feb '15, 15:39

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closed 03 Mar '15, 18:41

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theiphoneguy ♦


I'm gonna take a long shot because I have no idea what could cause this... But maybe try running Icleaner as some sort of wierd cache file may be on your device causing it. I don't know but it's worth a shot.

(19 Feb '15, 15:49) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

Sounds like redirect to me... I agree with @Codyjd1

(19 Feb '15, 15:53) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

So run icleaner , eh? Well, I will do. but only time is the real test I guess. It happens like twice a week or around that time frequency, so there isn't really an immediate result to test.

@slavakulikoff I though about it as a redirect too, but it doesn't make so much sense. Redirects switch app directly without dropping first at the Homescreen. Plus, it happens in all sorts of app the last one being the official Twitter app - what that has to do with iTunes, and on top charts APPS?

Really really weird.

Anyways, thanks guys. I will try running icleaner and see if that helps.

(19 Feb '15, 16:04) Freaky Freaky's gravatar image

Could you post list of repos you have in cydia?

(19 Feb '15, 16:19) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image


Repos: bd452 Beta Repo



Elijah and Andrew's Planet

JerryEn's repo

Karen's Pineapple Repo

ZodTTD & MacCiti

(19 Feb '15, 16:28) Freaky Freaky's gravatar image

Nothing is "jumping" at me. Lets stick to the initial plan. May be someone else chimes in...)))

(19 Feb '15, 16:50) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

Ya I agree with @slavakulikoff. All of your tweaks are from legit repos which shouldn't cause any problems.

(19 Feb '15, 17:08) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

And that just happened again

(21 Feb '15, 20:20) Freaky Freaky's gravatar image

And again

(03 Mar '15, 14:45) Freaky Freaky's gravatar image

@Freaky, it is pointless to repeatedly say "again" just to get our attention. This question was asked on February 19th, so you probably could've restored your device about- oh i don't know- maybe 300+ times?

(03 Mar '15, 14:50) Tony99 Tony99's gravatar image

First, I didn't do it to get attention, I comment to measure frequencies. Second, I don't have a computer. and even if so - 8.1.2 is no longer being signed and 8.1.3 is unjailbreakable. You could've been - oh I don't know - a lil bit nicer.

(03 Mar '15, 15:27) Freaky Freaky's gravatar image

@freaky your sure its a different app each time?

(03 Mar '15, 15:33) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

@Freaky, you better agree with @Tony99 and measure frequencies some other way. Otherwise mods will tell you to stop bumping your post.

(03 Mar '15, 15:34) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

@Codyjd1 - 100 % sure. @Slavakulikoff - i better do what I want and face the consequences. Please don't tell me what "I better do" Alternatively, you can simply close this - I don't care.

(03 Mar '15, 15:44) Freaky Freaky's gravatar image

@Freaky Did you ever have any piracy repos and tweaks on your device?

(03 Mar '15, 15:51) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

Not that I know of. I'm super clean about stuff I install

(03 Mar '15, 15:53) Freaky Freaky's gravatar image

The only other thing you could do its list the tweaks you have installed. If you have a big amount install app list and email it to yourself then paste it to a sit like Pastebin and paste the link here. Thanks I'm sorta out of options lol

(03 Mar '15, 16:01) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

Nvm, from what people here say it looks like I have to restore, so that's probably what I'm gonna do. Way too much data to back up somewhere. Well, I guess I'll have to manage somehow or ditch the 5 altogether for a brand new iPhone 6. Thanks for tryna help though, I really appreciate it :)

(03 Mar '15, 16:04) Freaky Freaky's gravatar image

No problem. I hope you can figure out the problem :)

(03 Mar '15, 16:07) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Other" by theiphoneguy, 03 Mar '15, 18:41

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