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I don't know how to get back those apps. My phone isn't jail broken at the moment and I have reset my phone twice but it didn't help. I'm using an iphone 4 on ios 7.1.3. If I succeed in Jailbreaking the phone and get Cydia, will I be able to get the stock apps back with some sort of cydia tweak or app? I'm missing the appstore and I can't get any app because I reset my phone. Please help.

asked 10 Feb '15, 21:04

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Reseting your phone will not do any good. All that does is rest IOS settings. Pangu should not delete stock applications, however there are bugs in jailbreak software that may cause icons to disappear, and can sometimes be fixed with a hard reboot. If that does not work You need to plug your device into iTunes and restore from there.


answered 10 Feb '15, 21:08

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How would I do a hard reboot? And will restoring from iTunes fix all of the missing apps?

(10 Feb '15, 21:13) Rockslicer747 Rockslicer747's gravatar image

Hard reboot is home+power at the same time, until phone starts to reboot. And yes restoring will fix it, but you will loose ability to jailbreak because I don't believe there is one out for the current version of iOS.

(10 Feb '15, 21:15) ipth611 ipth611's gravatar image

I have and iphone 4 and the newest ios I can get is 7.1.2

(10 Feb '15, 21:16) Rockslicer747 Rockslicer747's gravatar image

restore and rejailbreak. a hard reboot etc will not bring back missing stock apps.

(10 Feb '15, 21:37) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Oh ok, so go ahead and restore then and reattempt the jailbreak and yes a hard reboot has fixed problems in past situations such as the evasion jb newsstand glitch. Was just suggesting something before wiping the phone, and starting the jailbreak process over.

(10 Feb '15, 21:42) ipth611 ipth611's gravatar image

Okay thanks hopefully I learn a bit more and I don't mess up, because I think the phone jail broke correctly but then I messed it up. It will be jailbroken if cydia is on the phone even though pangu says the Jailbreaking failed right?

(10 Feb '15, 22:08) Rockslicer747 Rockslicer747's gravatar image

Don't worry if you mess up you can always restore. You cannot due permanent damage to the iPhone. If you need assistance I recomend looking up a tutorial on YouTube. You shouldn't be getting jailbreak failed, if you get that error try jailbreaking again and if doesn't work after that then restore.

(10 Feb '15, 22:11) ipth611 ipth611's gravatar image

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