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Is there any way to get rid of the load earlier messages at the top of a convo and instead show it all from the beginning? I'm trying to search for an old text that would take years to find clicking load earlier. Tried a tweak that loads the last 700 in a convo but the one I'm looking for is waayyyy past that. Thanks

asked 10 Feb '15, 20:40

trebrick's gravatar image


Think you need to start deleting text message once you've read them. No one needs to save that many text messages.

There no tweak to help you here.


answered 11 Feb '15, 02:12

Tilerone's gravatar image



Figured someone would say this. Lol no sh** nobody does but that doesn't help me now though. If there isn't a tweak either don't reply or say no I don't know of any. That simple, thanks. And I've seen many others complain about at least the load earlier messages. You could've helped with that but naw

(11 Feb '15, 02:58) trebrick trebrick's gravatar image

WTF is up with all the sass? People here are volunteers with their time and expertise, and all I see is a lot of ungratefulness. Nobody is forcing you to this site to ask questions....have some manners.

(11 Feb '15, 03:06) xamas xamas's gravatar image

You asked a question, I provided an answer. If you don't consider that helping I recommend you seek your own help via google. Next time you ask a question please leave your attitude at the door as we don't need it at jbqa,

(11 Feb '15, 03:09) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Just want help not the "sass" of " I think you need to start deleting" . How does that help me xamas

(11 Feb '15, 03:11) trebrick trebrick's gravatar image

You got help .... Now drop it please or I'll will start deletinG.

Actually xamas response does help you. If you stop moaning and start deleting messages you'd get to the message your after faster xD

(11 Feb '15, 03:13) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

So, there is no way to load an entire convo, no matter the length? Or anything allowing for me to delete a bunch to get to that text? Anyone

(11 Feb '15, 03:21) trebrick trebrick's gravatar image

While xamas replied with his opinion, it by no means was "help" in answering my question. Someone could have replied "jelly beans" and that would be help by your own definition. Since it is an "answer" listen I'm not trying to cause arguments or sass just bein straight. Appreciate the help I do receive from this site and if I see a question I might have the answer to I would definitely help as well

(11 Feb '15, 03:34) trebrick trebrick's gravatar image

Actually, I appreciate the ability to keep text messages 'forever' - perhaps a year or more. A better search would be useful! I would suggest @xamas look for PC applications that can transfer the texts to a PC for reference searching... there are a few most paid/trial, havn't found a free one that works yet :(

(11 Feb '15, 03:51) mikewsw17 mikewsw17's gravatar image

@mikewsw17, thanks that is what I consider a helpful answer. If only there was a better search made available through a tweak. Thanks again

(11 Feb '15, 04:03) trebrick trebrick's gravatar image

+1 to xamas and Tilerone

I'm tired of whiners here: you don't like the free advice you're given? Beat it.

(12 Feb '15, 00:40) Hebbydyr Hebbydyr's gravatar image
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Asked: 10 Feb '15, 20:40

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