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Is there any Cydia tweak that is working on iOS 8 and iPad that shows amount of free RAM? I know about StatusModifier but it shows bad free RAM and CCSystemStatus that doesn't work on iPad.

asked 05 Feb '15, 06:49

thomas_xxxxx's gravatar image


edited 05 Feb '15, 06:49

I am not running iOS 8.x, so I cannot tell for sure, but wouldn't  SnapStats  —from the regular Apple AppStore— do the trick ?

It might not show your RAM status in your status bar, but it would show you what you want to see anyways...

Please note that even if you did not explicitly ask for that, it's not only useless to free up RAM, but it's actually a VERY BAD IDEA, and here's why...

  1. iOS manages RAM pretty well, so you should let it manage it for you and focus on having fun with your device instead;
  2. Freeing RAM will just make the apps to take longer to load next time you call them as they have been flushed from RAM;
  3. Constantly unloading apps from RAM just to load them back after WILL KILL YOUR BATTERY LIFE!

So all in all, there's no real benefit of freeing up RAM, but disadvantages doing it are legion...

However, if all you want is to SEE how much RAM is used, I think SnapStats is your best bet.

Hope this helps,



answered 05 Feb '15, 10:07

eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image


edited 05 Feb '15, 10:08

I don't want to free RAM. I just wanted the application that shows amount of free RAM to find out if specific tweak overloads RAM. Thank you for help.

(05 Feb '15, 12:03) thomas_xxxxx thomas_xxxxx's gravatar image

There is no need for such a tweak ....this is iOS not windows RAM is wasted RAM don't worry yourself about such things.


answered 05 Feb '15, 07:20

Tilerone's gravatar image


I didn't ask if there is need for this tweak. So if you don't know about tweak of this kind, please don't answer. I appreciate it. Thank you.

(05 Feb '15, 07:52) thomas_xxxxx thomas_xxxxx's gravatar image


(05 Feb '15, 09:04) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Why do you send the name of the tweak that is designed for totally other thing than I want?

(05 Feb '15, 09:12) thomas_xxxxx thomas_xxxxx's gravatar image

Hey, Mr. Snarky. This is a free site maintained by volunteers. Cut the attitude. You don't like the advice here? Try somewhere else.

(05 Feb '15, 09:57) Hebbydyr Hebbydyr's gravatar image

The first answer was not answer on my question. So I don't see reason for sending it here. The second answer was name of the tweak that has nothing in common with tweak I am looking for. So I think it is wasting time to write here irrelevant answer. That's my opinion.

(05 Feb '15, 12:08) thomas_xxxxx thomas_xxxxx's gravatar image
(05 Feb '15, 15:35) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Thank you very much. It really does show free RAM. My mistake. I didn't see it.

(05 Feb '15, 16:27) thomas_xxxxx thomas_xxxxx's gravatar image

Try Battery Doctor it does show the amount of free RAM.


answered 05 Feb '15, 14:37

nomi81's gravatar image


Is it from Cydia or App Store?

(05 Feb '15, 15:20) thomas_xxxxx thomas_xxxxx's gravatar image

I downloaded it from Cydia but I think it also exists in AppStore.

(05 Feb '15, 15:23) nomi81 nomi81's gravatar image

So both show free RAM?

(05 Feb '15, 16:28) thomas_xxxxx thomas_xxxxx's gravatar image

Yep you can see Screenshots on AppStore

(05 Feb '15, 16:30) nomi81 nomi81's gravatar image
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