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I installed betterwifi7 back when I first adopted my iPhone 6. It worked great, then one of my coworkers sat on my phone accidentally and it bent so I got a new one for free (courtesy of apple). After restoring from backup, re-jailbreaking and installing all of my tweaks including betterwifi7, I noticed my wifi connection would drop a lot. I uninstalled the tweak AND IT STILL EXISTED WITHIN WIFI UNDER SETTINGS. The IP address and channel information was still there after the uninstall. I think this may be linked to a faulty tweak called Airblue sharing. I checked under mobileSubstrate and neither betterWiFi7 nor AirBlue were in there. I can not even load a safari page now, and I am paying for 60Mb/s speeds. Note- This problem does not exist in safe mode.

asked 04 Feb '15, 22:42

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closed 08 Feb '15, 07:00

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Try installing Icleaner and running it as it will delete any temporary and junk files left behind and it may fix it.

(04 Feb '15, 23:14) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

Sadly iCleaner Pro did not fix my problem. Great suggestion though!

(06 Feb '15, 00:46) Fpsscreenshot Fpsscreenshot's gravatar image

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Seeing as your device works in "no substrate mode" / "safe mode"

Reboot your device and follow this procedure till you eliminate the problematic tweak!

Install iCleaner Pro from Exile.90's Repo iCleaner Pro

Once open select the + sign bottom left and then select Cydia Substrate Addons

Then toggle off half of the addons (with the exception of "MobileSafety")

Reboot device and see if problem is still apparent.

If still apparent invert the selection (same again not disabling "MobileSafety")

Reboot device and see if problem is still apparent.

Once you have deduced which half of the addons is causing the problem, follow the same procedure of selecting half of the remaining addons and inverting till you find the problem tweak.


answered 06 Feb '15, 06:44

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(07 Feb '15, 18:25) Fpsscreenshot Fpsscreenshot's gravatar image

Did you find the problematic tweak using the frowned upon method above?

(08 Feb '15, 04:12) vilopjdwebreg vilopjdwebreg's gravatar image

Yes, I used your method to find the problematic tweak, why is it frowned upon?

(08 Feb '15, 20:39) Fpsscreenshot Fpsscreenshot's gravatar image

I have no idea to the reasons why I have been criticised for promoting this method as a means of deducing a problematic tweak, considering it is a logical method to carry out a process of elimination.

Whilst this method does not pinpoint the problematic tweak immediately, it is a quick and easy method to find the cause!

Perhaps the moderator in question, would be prepared to elaborate?

(09 Feb '15, 01:50) vilopjdwebreg vilopjdwebreg's gravatar image

Try Wifried tweak, at least it work for my iPad 4. This problem is due to the wifi issue reported by Apple users.


answered 08 Feb '15, 06:26

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The problem is solved.

(08 Feb '15, 06:59) vilopjdwebreg vilopjdwebreg's gravatar image

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