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after instaling a tweek, the phone stays in "loading" forever. And I hace to respring manually. How can I do to fix this, is very anoyng

asked 04 Feb '15, 10:49

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closed 04 Feb '15, 13:04

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Please list repo/sources and twesks installed

(04 Feb '15, 10:52) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

This are the sources that ive installed: Biteyourapple Hackyouriphone Insanelyi Modmyi Marcianophone installed and uninstalled. Didnt work

(04 Feb '15, 11:11) jmalufc jmalufc's gravatar image

Get ready to walk the plank arrrr arrrr

(04 Feb '15, 12:21) Hambo999 Hambo999's gravatar image

Dont understand. What is walk the plank? my english is very basic. I speak spanish

(04 Feb '15, 12:23) jmalufc jmalufc's gravatar image

Your sources are mainly pirate sources which are used to steel other people's work and will cause you nothing but trouble get rid of them and only use stock Cydia sources or recommend ones you can ask about on here

(04 Feb '15, 12:33) Hambo999 Hambo999's gravatar image

Omg im sorry about it. I just jailbroke yesterday for second time... And did everything with youtube and google. Didnt know about this pirate thing. Embarrasing. So I will erase every one of them... Wich ones can I install? Could you pleaSe send me one or two good sources?

(04 Feb '15, 12:38) jmalufc jmalufc's gravatar image

To start with Cydia must have warned you about untrusted sources and advised you not to install them get rid of them first the tweaks you have are all free on stock Cydia sources anyway

(04 Feb '15, 12:44) Hambo999 Hambo999's gravatar image

Ok, did it allready... Stayed with just the sources that came with cydia... Still uninstalling the tweaks Im heaving the same problem with the restart button... Do you have an idea of what can I try to do to fix this...

(04 Feb '15, 12:51) jmalufc jmalufc's gravatar image

I am not sure if some of the bad sources you had installed leaves corrupt files or not you might have to restore.i am not a dev or a moderator just a member your best bet is hope that one of the moderators will help you.

(04 Feb '15, 13:07) Hambo999 Hambo999's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Piracy (against the rules)" by Tilerone, 04 Feb '15, 13:04

Uninstall cydia substrate .... If you still having trouble then ...restore using itunes ...rejailbreak and stay away from shady repos and pay for tweaks you should.

Read this about what issue shady repos can cause


answered 04 Feb '15, 13:03

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edited 04 Feb '15, 13:06

Its fixed now with uninstall and install cydia substrate! Thank you. And again... im sorry about not knowing about the bad repos, will not do that again, and I do pay gladdly for tweaks that i want to have, if you didnt notice, my tweaks were all free... It was just ignorance from my part, its normal to make mistakes or error when youre a rookie or amateur on this matters...

(04 Feb '15, 13:17) jmalufc jmalufc's gravatar image

Glad you're happy but I'm not buying your "it's normal to make mistakes" line. Your English is just fine, and you know that Cydia throws up a big warning box when you try to install pirate repos.

Appreciate the tone of your posts, but c'mon. You know what's right and wrong. Not buying it.

(04 Feb '15, 16:04) Hebbydyr Hebbydyr's gravatar image

Tweaks: Activator Almpoum Cylinder Noslowanimation Switcher DND Winterboarf


answered 04 Feb '15, 11:14

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