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I was jw if it is all possible to get the Photoboothe app off of the iPad 2 to the iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch4G or other devices w/ camera functionality? Like what hackers did w/ the iPad1 with Facetime they took the plists from iPod Touch 4G and got it on the iPad and it worked but w/out video feed bcuz lack of camera!

asked 09 Apr '11, 02:15

pawnage69's gravatar image


I'm trying but no luck yet. It starts with the red curtain then crashes.

I'm also having trouble with porting the Voice Memos app to the iPad2. The rest of the missing built-ins worked just fine though.


answered 08 Jul '11, 13:38

Pepper's gravatar image

Pepper ♦

edited 08 Jul '11, 13:44

Couldnt u possibly resize the app to fit the iPhone/iPod display and if so it would probably be very low quality graphics...and what method did u use to port the app, did u have to use the iPad2 or could u jus get it from the firmware itself?

(10 Jul '11, 00:02) pawnage69 pawnage69's gravatar image

I used ssh to copy from iPad2, then started fiddling with info.plist.

(10 Jul '11, 03:19) Pepper ♦ Pepper's gravatar image

well actually the reason it crashed now i found out is bcuz the iPad 2 has the A5 and all other suitable or compatible devices if u will are on the A4 and Photobooth on iPad 2 is only compiled for that specific hardware...however it should work on the NEW iPhone 4S due to its A5 when an untether is released

(16 Oct '11, 01:55) pawnage69 pawnage69's gravatar image

Probably, but since there are several apps that do the same thing, I doubt anyone will bother.


answered 09 Apr '11, 02:49

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

yah but its not legit Apple man

(16 Oct '11, 01:56) pawnage69 pawnage69's gravatar image
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