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Hi there,

I have jail broke my iPhone 4 to be able to connect it to my Sharp TV. I have bought a cheap connector (iPhone to hdmi) and original hdmi cable. I have also bought a DisplayOut thing here. But when I connect my phone to TV, on my iPhone screen it says "connected to external screen), but my TV remains black and blank. I have tried using different channels but nothing works.

I am completely new to this jail breaking thing, maybe I need to install something else? Or maybe my TV doesn't support the DisplayOut programme? I haven't installed anything else despite DisplayOut. My iPhones version is 7.1.2. Also, Pengu had identified my iPhone 4 as iPhone 3.1 - I had it repaired a few times, maybe it had some older things put inside?

What can be the problem?

Thank you very much,


asked 31 Jan '15, 07:57

Anna86's gravatar image


,you don't need display out since iOS 7 ...remove it's not needed normally ...but some users say they do for certain apps .... I have iPhone 4 and it outputs to tv fine...... Did you pay for display out ?

Also check settings on tv are set right.

Model number 3,1 is an iphone4 Apple model numbers differ from what they are called.

Some cheap cables simply don't work and are not supported ....there is a tweak called resupported which try's to make all cables work... Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't ...I don't believe it's been updated to iOS 7

Some apps are crafty and it's hard to spot how you turn on tv out.

What apps are your trying to output to tv ? some simply won't work.


answered 31 Jan '15, 08:25

Tilerone's gravatar image


Hi Tilerone,

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer.

I have tried connecting my phone to TV without DisplayOut app but nothing worked so I thought that I would need an additional app to get it work. And yes, I did pay for it ($2.99).

So perhaps it's just my TV which doesn't support things like that? Regarding the iPhone-hdmi cable, I have one for iPhone 5 and it's not working with my TV either (but iPhone 5 is NOT jail broken).

(31 Jan '15, 08:39) Anna86 Anna86's gravatar image

I have tried using resupporting app but it says it's not compatible with my phone.

And what are the settings for TV? I have a DVD linked to this TV and I use the same channels for iPhone as I use for my DVD.

I generally just want to watch movies through my iPhone on a big TV screen. YouTube, maybe some website with the movies.

(31 Jan '15, 08:44) Anna86 Anna86's gravatar image

Dem movie piracy sites :P

(31 Jan '15, 08:47) Hamza_ Hamza_'s gravatar image


(31 Jan '15, 17:20) Anna86 Anna86's gravatar image

You'll not get safari to output to tv you'll not get screen mirroring of home screen either. You'll only get actual video players to output if they have display out capabilities On an iPhone 4 ... Stock video player or say avplayerHD from App Store etc etc... Watch g YouTube throughsafari General won't do it but throw YouTube app or protube will.

(01 Feb '15, 02:55) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

There is an app in the apple App Store called MuMoni which I got when I had the 4s and were having similar problems to you it got me connected to my tv and I worked things out from there it is a free app so might be worth a go.

(01 Feb '15, 12:40) Hambo999 Hambo999's gravatar image
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