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Good day, I'm on 6+, 8.1.2, taig. I'm unable to start any app, including stock apps (settings, mail,safari,etc.). When I start the app it opens, shows blank screen, sits like that for about 5-10 seconds and crashes. Rebootes, respringed, problem is still here.. I used to have the same problem before but it would open eventually, just would take more time than normal (about 5-10 secs.). Cydia opens with no problem. Any ideas? Please help!

asked 24 Jan '15, 14:21

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closed 24 Jan '15, 14:55

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Why not start by listing your repos and tweaks added?

(24 Jan '15, 14:41) xamas xamas's gravatar image

Do any apps other than Cydia open?

(24 Jan '15, 14:46) WhyIsItReal WhyIsItReal's gravatar image

Tweaks: Activator Aeternum Alkaline AppAddict AppCake Appsync Barre CacheClearer Clap Dockshift Ifile Localiappstore Moviebox Springtomize 3 Swipeselection Pro Winterboard Zeppelin

Sources: Appcake BigBoss Biteyourapple FilippoBiga Hackyouriphone Insanelyi Modmyi Repo666.ultrasn0w.Com Sinful PwnCenter Xsellize ZoDttd

(24 Jan '15, 14:50) Zagato Zagato's gravatar image

Ifile opens up with no problem any time, the rest is not.

(24 Jan '15, 14:52) Zagato Zagato's gravatar image

Please read this about what issues piracy causes and why we dont support piracy that are not related to the fact it's illegsl.

(24 Jan '15, 14:54) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Piracy (against the rules)" by Tilerone, 24 Jan '15, 14:55

We don't support piracy. Buy your apps and tweaks.


answered 24 Jan '15, 14:51

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I don't support piracy as well, and I do buy my apps and support devs!

(24 Jan '15, 14:55) Zagato Zagato's gravatar image

Of cause you do that's why you have 8 piracy repos and one that is purely relating to piracy and nothing else .

We are cydia support ... We know .... We are not stupid.

(24 Jan '15, 15:01) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

So I support piracy just by adding piracy repos, even though I pay to devs for apps?

(24 Jan '15, 15:12) Zagato Zagato's gravatar image


(24 Jan '15, 15:19) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

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