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hello dear friends, nice your job here and I have to give you all my congratulations. Hope somebody help me to solve my problem because is impossible on my self. I was happily using 5.1.1 on redsnow jbd iPhone 4s (except some times I was loosing my contacts) but few days ago my telephone went in tilt. For error, tried to cancel some files with I fun box but deleted important system files too. The result was to can not boot normal or safe mode and redsnow was impossible to put the stitched .ipsw with my old blobs so I was forced to restore-update and jb with taig the 8.1.2. :-((( it is too much for this model. With iPhone VM2 too!! How should be possible to go back to 5.1.1????? Please, somebody tell me that is possible and how, thanks

asked 20 Dec '14, 10:56

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closed 20 Dec '14, 11:28

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spockers ♦♦


Several regulars here have said their 4S is fine on 8.1.2. They weren't comparing it to iOS 5 though. :P

(20 Dec '14, 11:27) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

This might sound harsh, but you all gotta stop lying to yourselves and admit that 8 is BAD on 4S. Yes, it's usable, like 7.1.2 on 4 but it's just not all that great. Like a mid-high end android phone.

(20 Dec '14, 11:34) JiGSaW113 JiGSaW113's gravatar image

8 is bad on 4s. Lag..Lag..Lag...I can tell a ton of difference with 8 on a 5c.. Fresh restore, 8.1.1 8.12 - does not matter.

(21 Dec '14, 11:06) Nitemare Nitemare's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by spockers, 20 Dec '14, 11:28

IF you wouldn't update you had a chance to re-restore to 5.x.x as long as blobs were saved. Now, AFTER you moved from 5.x.x you cannot go back to 5.x.x


answered 20 Dec '14, 11:07

slavakulikoff's gravatar image


edited 20 Dec '14, 11:10

And my saved blobs "slavakulikoff"? Are really unusable now?

(21 Dec '14, 05:13) Jimmy4s Jimmy4s's gravatar image

Blobs are useless on A5+. You can only use them to downgrade FROM 5.x.x to 5.y.z, and you're on 8 now, so there is no way.

(21 Dec '14, 05:43) JiGSaW113 JiGSaW113's gravatar image

!!!!!!!!!! No mode to brute force the firmware?????? How is possible? Cydia has no mode to do that? Maybe use the 8 blobs but iOS 5 o.s. files?

(21 Dec '14, 05:53) Jimmy4s Jimmy4s's gravatar image

Impossible like said. A5+ has no hardware bootrom exploit to use the blobs.

(21 Dec '14, 07:17) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

I think if I wait a little and keep my 5.1.1 they make for 4s too a hardware bootrom exploit to use them, like 4, 3GS ecc. I don't want to shell it for this cause, is in perfect condition 64gb. What you would do in my position "king shoot" ? Thanx for the interest at all. !

(21 Dec '14, 08:33) Jimmy4s Jimmy4s's gravatar image

Keep the .ipsw and blobs I was meaning

(21 Dec '14, 08:33) Jimmy4s Jimmy4s's gravatar image

Again, 4S CANNOT be downgraded from any version to 5.x.x, ONLY re-restore while device is on 5.x.x. In another words while device is ON 5.x.x, it can stay on 5.x.x if blobs are saved.

(21 Dec '14, 08:56) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

Sorry to not understanding directly, so is different hardware that impossible to fixed in the future. Ok. I will check it little more or maybe I wait a very light special version of iOS 8 maybe throw Cydia. Or to cick it directly?

(21 Dec '14, 10:43) Jimmy4s Jimmy4s's gravatar image

No,they'll be no special lite iOS 8 version ever. It there was it would be illegal. I don't understand the chat going on here if you have a 4s you can't use blobs anyway downgrade possible only choice is 8.1.2 period. They'll be no boot room exploit .... Nothing .... It's a dead in the water phone there will be no further developing of jailbreak tools for it...imo.

You've been told several times there's no going back ......ever .........accept it or buy a new more capable device ....stop dreaming and hoping

(21 Dec '14, 11:06) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Ok thanx a lot. Ultimate question and close, is it any patch from Cudia that disable everything add on or appearance settings or everything else unuseless in automatic?

(21 Dec '14, 11:13) Jimmy4s Jimmy4s's gravatar image

Care to word the question so it makes sense ? I assume your meaning a tweak which disables stuff to speed up device . Not really you can use Icleaner to disable daemons but it won't speed it up ... Best bet is install speed intensifier ..... It simple speeds up animations making it seem faster as app animations when you launch an app are speeded up..... And don't install theming tweaks as they slow devices up the most.

(21 Dec '14, 11:52) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Thnx appreciate tilerone

(21 Dec '14, 12:45) Jimmy4s Jimmy4s's gravatar image

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