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Lately my Iphone 3gs, new BR home button have been acting weird and unresponsive.So I looked around and found that doing a restore help solve this issue. Little I knew. Anyway, I made a restore but the home button won't work. so I made dfu custom ipsw(ios 6.1.6) and jailbreak and everything and it worked. I left my iphone and when I got back there was a white screen showing. I searched around and found that I made the mistake of clicking I have old boot room. I again searched for solution and found that letting the battery drain would solve the issue.

I did and now I tried to do a restore through itunes and first I got error 1600, then I got 1618. Anyway to fix this issue?

Ps: Just right about when itunes start restoring, I get a white screen and then the screen turn off and then error 1618 pop up. I can't fix the home button since there are no apple store in this country.

asked 17 Dec '14, 07:58

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closed 21 Dec '14, 18:11

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iAdam1n ♦

I made dfu custom ipsw(ios 6.1.6) and jailbreak

What tool did you use to jailbreak ? iTunes Error 16xx is USB error. Use another USB cable/port or if available computer.

(17 Dec '14, 09:38) A08 A08's gravatar image

Did you try redsn0w custom IPSW restore in DFU?

(17 Dec '14, 09:39) JiGSaW113 JiGSaW113's gravatar image

@A08 : I used Redsn0w. I'll try that and get back with results.

@JiGSaW113 : Yes, I did and I even tried the regular itune restore but it's still the same problem. I will try and do a custom restore to ios 5.1.1

A question : Could it be a hardware problem? I don't know what to do. This white screen doesn't want to go away. :(

(17 Dec '14, 10:17) Noraix Noraix's gravatar image

If you can't restore even in Recovery mode (Power+Home until screen turns off, then connecting the cable WHILE home button is held), then it could be hardware, but first try a different computer/cable to make sure.

(17 Dec '14, 14:19) JiGSaW113 JiGSaW113's gravatar image

I changed the cables. and iTunes started restoring process, took a while, then error 1601 popped up. Now, It seems my device isn't recognized on Win and also tried it at another computer. I'm not sure what's going on...

(18 Dec '14, 10:40) Noraix Noraix's gravatar image

I manage to solve the problem by disconnecting the battery from the logic boards for about an hour. it reseted the iPhone and I did restore and jb. Thanks everyone!

(21 Dec '14, 17:48) Noraix Noraix's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by iAdam1n, 21 Dec '14, 18:11

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