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Hey Guys,

I just wanted to jailbreak my Iphone 5c Ios8.0 with, i thought how great it will be and was really exited. Some Minutes later I clicked on Already did to start the jailbreak BUT, If I try it it says to me: Unable to get Jailbreak Rescources, please check your network.

I thougt Ok it is a bug next time I will be able to get the resources to Jailbreak my device, but again it says to me: Unable to get Jailbreak Rescources, please check your network.

So guys you see my problem and if there is anyone who can help me PLEASE DO IT. If anyone doesnt want to write this down here youcan also contact per E-Mail:


Thanks for help

asked 12 Dec '14, 13:16

Shadow_Execution's gravatar image


Are you running the pangu program as administrator? And is phone in airplane mode as you're jailbreaking?

(12 Dec '14, 13:21) Monster_man6678 Monster_man6678's gravatar image

Yes Ive run it with and with not adminstrator and yes I do have it in Airplane mode D:

(12 Dec '14, 13:23) Shadow_Execution Shadow_Execution's gravatar image

@Shadow, why are you using Pangu on 8.0 when there is Taig for 8.1.2? Pangu can be buggy. Taig for 8.1.2 jailbreaks the most recent update to iOS and is a very stable jailbreak. Skip Pangu. Oh, @Monster_man please leave this to others. You aren't looked at too fondly in this community at the moment.

(12 Dec '14, 13:29) arikmops arikmops's gravatar image

but in Tango stays for Ios8.0-8.1.1

(12 Dec '14, 13:30) Shadow_Execution Shadow_Execution's gravatar image

Sorry for trying to help.

(12 Dec '14, 13:35) Monster_man6678 Monster_man6678's gravatar image

I have no idea what that means. Please explain/elaborate. Did you mean Pangu? Like I said, Taig is way more stable. Try that.

(12 Dec '14, 13:35) arikmops arikmops's gravatar image

do I have to download the 3k assistant??

(12 Dec '14, 13:36) Shadow_Execution Shadow_Execution's gravatar image

@monster_man6678 you were once banned by this community for being an admitted pirate/thief. Do you really think changing your username from monsterman6678 to monster_man6678 would throw us off?! You antagonized this community yesterday, you admitted to stealing and gave terrible advice. Why are you still here?

(12 Dec '14, 13:37) arikmops arikmops's gravatar image

arikmops do I have to download the 3k assistant

(12 Dec '14, 13:38) Shadow_Execution Shadow_Execution's gravatar image

no don't download 3k assistant as it is a 3rd party Chinese app. just check the first box.

(12 Dec '14, 13:40) arikmops arikmops's gravatar image

ok thank you :D

(12 Dec '14, 13:41) Shadow_Execution Shadow_Execution's gravatar image

Copy and paste this to your browser and jailbreak using Taig.


answered 12 Dec '14, 13:30

arikmops's gravatar image


thank you im trying this version

(12 Dec '14, 13:31) Shadow_Execution Shadow_Execution's gravatar image

do I have to download the 3k assistant??

(12 Dec '14, 13:34) Shadow_Execution Shadow_Execution's gravatar image

no need to install the 3k assistant

(12 Dec '14, 13:41) arikmops arikmops's gravatar image


(12 Dec '14, 13:45) Shadow_Execution Shadow_Execution's gravatar image

No problem. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Happy jailbreaking.

(12 Dec '14, 13:46) arikmops arikmops's gravatar image
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