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Hope to know if someone with iPhone 6/6+ tried or willing to try that iOS 8.1.1 JB., if possible can give a feedback to see if there is an improvment in the performance of the Toshiba/ SanDisk TLC NAND 128GB flash memory, i have the 128 GB version of that Toshiba and noticed once i have reached 100 to 110 GB full storage capacity , phone slowed down with no crashes though " just minor splashboard crashes and was fixed by the recent Ayecon 7+ theme update and the removal and reinstall of WiFried " , read somewhere that apple is having a software fix in iOS 8.1.1 to deal with that to stop people from returning their phones.

asked 29 Nov '14, 05:15

marinerbc's gravatar image


Patience! I just installed it on my 5S, so far Springtomize refuses to run, but every other tweak I have works.

(29 Nov '14, 05:20) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Thanks , true I should have more patience, yet again that part of me that want to have a stable JB soon with the memory and WiFi issues resolved

(29 Nov '14, 05:34) marinerbc marinerbc's gravatar image

Think you'll be waiting till 8.2 is released for that ..... Many folks are pissed that taig burnt a kernel exploit just for 8.1.1 ..... Taig are money orientated and love piracy

(29 Nov '14, 10:15) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

I see that a lot of people were upset , me too but since I came to know that this exploit does not work on the current 8.2 beta, not because was not done with 8.2 in mind , only then I feel we are lucky to get it it now , especially with the news about iOS 9 beta coming by mid summer , any way when I have the time will try to jailbreak my 5S and test all of my tweaks before touching my 6+ as I spent lots of time and efforts setting it up the way it is now .

(29 Nov '14, 13:29) marinerbc marinerbc's gravatar image

I'd hold off. Taig is the company that developed that piracy app back in the evasi0n days, remember? There was a pretty big controversy about that. There is a chance that the jailbreak is bundled with malware, so I would hold off until a known jailbreak hacker confirms that it's malware-free. Just my two cents.

(29 Nov '14, 13:49) Tony99 Tony99's gravatar image

Good point tony99, I will test the Taig JB only on the 5S since I want also to test semi restore 8 and BackupAZ anyway . but will keep the 6+ on iOS 8.1 the way it is.

(29 Nov '14, 14:33) marinerbc marinerbc's gravatar image

tin foil hats for sale here, step right up!

(29 Nov '14, 17:14) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

You are too late , got two already one for each ..!!

(29 Nov '14, 18:06) marinerbc marinerbc's gravatar image
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