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My iPhone 5 currently running on iOS 8.1 jailbreak was being unresponsive after installing a number of tweaks because I believe they were 'half installed' which is when it began to mess with my phone. So I decided to delete them. After re springing I tried to access my phone normally (not in safe mode) and it was unresponsive. I could not access the lock screen, nothing would show up except for my wallpaper. No buttons nothing. So I decided to turn it off and put it into safe mode. I did some research and deleted Cydia substrate and the safe mode thing idk why! it deleted all my tweaks which I thought would solve my problem but don't junk files stay on the device?? and now my phone will turn on normally without safe mode but without Cydia substrate installed (I can't download anything this way:( and when I try to install both Cydia substrate and substrate safe mode it again gets stuck in safe mode!!! Any suggestions on what I should do?? :( don't want to restore and re jailbreak because I don't want to update to 8.1.1

What repos sources do you use ?

You say you can't install cydia substrate ?

Do you have Icleaner install ?

(23 Nov '14, 14:45) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

I deleted all the repos except for the default ones and I can install cydia substrate but when I do i go into safe mode. And I do have Icleaner and I just cleared some files but no luck

(23 Nov '14, 15:17) forebidden505 forebidden505's gravatar image

I would just restore to 8.1 and start over while you still can. My guess is that tomorrow Apple will stop signing 8.1. Here's how:
Download the 8.1 ipsw using any browser other than IE, then hold the shift key (alt/option on a Mac) and click the "Restore [iDevice]" button in iTunes. Select the downloaded ipsw. Note that this will only work as long as Apple is signing 8.1. As of now, they still are, but that could change in a minute, an hour, a week, who knows. Follow TSSStatus if you want to know the moment Apple stops signing 8.1.

(23 Nov '14, 15:42) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

is there really no other way other than a restore?? and how would I complete this using a windows pc do you happen to know, is it the same?

(23 Nov '14, 15:52) forebidden505 forebidden505's gravatar image

Yeah on windows you press shift then click restore and choose the ipsw you just downloaded!


(23 Nov '14, 17:16) xAphex xAphex's gravatar image

"I deleted all the repos except for the default ones"

so what repos did you have before you deleted them?

(23 Nov '14, 19:03) Hamza_ Hamza_'s gravatar image

No, it's not the only way, but it's the quickest. You could spend all night trying this and that, only to discover tomorrow that you really do need to restore. I suspect it will be too late then. If Apple doesn't stop signing 8.1 tomorrow (Tuesday at the latest) I'll be stunned.

(23 Nov '14, 19:13) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

you could try to restore with semirestore for ios 8, restores without updating or loosing jailbreak!

(23 Nov '14, 20:36) enriqueperez12345 enriqueperez12345's gravatar image
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