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I have the 6 plus 64gb on T-Mobile with iOS 8.1. I'm really thinking of jail breaking it. I haven't jailbroken my iPhone since the 4s which I bricked unknown why, but I was downloading apps not legitimately. I want to do a few things remove the dock itself change the way it says my carrier just aesthetics but I do not want to add a skin at all. I'm more secure financially so I would pay for all my tweaks and such if needed my question is I used evasi0n at the time is it Pangu now? Does the phone crash still as bad as it did at the time, and I read about some alarm problems, I need my alarms bad. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you all for the support.

asked 21 Nov '14, 14:56

RozayMike's gravatar image


Make a backup before jailbreaking. The only reason why you "bricked" (misuse of the word) was becaue you pirated, which can corrupt the filesystem. Use pangu8 (link: to jailbreak. Basically, as long as you dont delete random files, pirate, or install tweaks that are incompatible with the iOS, you should be fine.


answered 21 Nov '14, 15:25

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Thanks brother. Any recommended tweaks?

(21 Nov '14, 15:53) RozayMike RozayMike's gravatar image

answered 21 Nov '14, 17:34

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spockers ♦♦

Great reading,mate thanks!

(21 Nov '14, 18:46) EC 130 EC%20130's gravatar image

Hey mate, will do the trick. Do not install any piracy repos and you should be fine. If you don't need theming, then no need for winter board either. Do a backup in iTunes first, then jailbreak.

You need internet on your computer during the jailbreak as Pangu will download stuff first, based on your iPhone configuration.

I also temporarily disable firewall and virus protection, and right click on the .exe file from Pangu and click on Run as Administrator

Once jb, disconnect, exit pangu and re-enable virus and firewall on your computer.

That's how I have done it on my 128 GB iPad mini 3 wifi plus cell... Good luck, have fun!


answered 21 Nov '14, 15:23

EC%20130's gravatar image

EC 130


Awesome man appreciate it. I may theme any recommends on tweaks and such?

(21 Nov '14, 15:53) RozayMike RozayMike's gravatar image

I am running the iPad very lean, I need all power for a flying app and don't want it to shutdown in the middle of the air when I rely on it to show me where the hell I am :)

I have iFile, FirewallIP, statusModifier (puts info like available RAM up on status bar), action menu plus pack, apple file conduit "2" (this is for USB access to the files from your computer), iCleaner pro version 7.3.0 (latest, certified for iOS 8), folderEnhancer (one that is iOS 8 compatible), in a minute (minute by minute selection of appointments and alarms time, not 5 minutes increments), MyWi 8, super Recorder and volume amplifier

Most of them are paid. And most expensive is MyWi... If your plan and carrier allows wifi and USB tethering, you won't need this. But I love it because you can set the transmit power at, say, 10 percent and have the battery not drain that fast and the spot is only a few metres, so nobody will try hooking up...

Have fun, man!

(21 Nov '14, 16:36) EC 130 EC%20130's gravatar image
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