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These latest two updates have caused all system audio ringer, alerts, etc. to sound very quite 55% volume level even with volume and ringer volume all the way up. I have tried disabling pre amp, re springing, reinstalling, and nothing changes. I am on the latest version with no change. If I turn up the preamp the ringer and such does get louder, however it sounds like shit and is distorted, same with any music also. The only thing that fixes it is disabling the eq entirely which sucks. It is from the bigboss repo and the dev will not respond to me despite numerous tweets, pm, and an email through the report issue section in the tweak.

asked 20 Nov '14, 09:21

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edited 20 Nov '14, 09:34

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Only way to revert is to message the Dev and ask him to link or send you the.deb file ....

I use equaliser everywhere also (you failed to mention this is what you are talking about, but I knew it was) yes there's an issue with latest update .... For me it works but don't turn pre amp up all the way ...try moving it up just Alittle ....from what I can tell if you turn it all the way up currently it will damage your speakers due to its issue. I presume your on the test version released yesterday I think ?

If Dev doesnt respond there's nothing we or you can do except wait for an update ... I Think you'll find he isnt responding as he's aware and is fixing it. .... There's no way to revert to earlier version of this tweak without the devs assistance ..... Solution is patience.

Don't pester developers most have other jobs and a life ..... Report it once and leave it ...... Constant messaging via different channels will just annoy anyone ..... Issue only started the other day. Patience .


answered 20 Nov '14, 09:33

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edited 20 Nov '14, 09:38

Your right man will do. I appreciate the help. I'll wait.

(20 Nov '14, 12:33) Jomac Jomac's gravatar image
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