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So without doing much research I used the nvram command... I [now] know it was stupid, but at the time I figured I could just restore if I messed my phone up. I experimenting with networking and wanted to change my mac address. I used nvram wifiaddr="new mac address" and bad things happened haha. The wifi was greyed out (apparently I used an invalid address), and appstore and cydia thought my device was different so I had to "convince" them I didn't pirate stuff. I realized then this was a bad idea, so I used nvram wifiaddr="my old mac address" in attempt to fix things. Fortunately, after a reboot, everything was fixed except for iMessage (facetime is working fine). Ive tried restoring and rejailbreaking but that fixed nothing (as nvram commands live through restores).

My device is an iPhone 5c iOS 8.1 jailbroken (activated on sprint but currently I have no text/phone/data plan). Does anyone have any words of wisdom for my situation? :)

asked 16 Nov '14, 14:12

N104's gravatar image


So is wifi working ?

(16 Nov '14, 14:17) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Yes. When I put my original mac address back everything (including wifi) worked fine except for iMessage. To be more specific, when I try to turn on imessage via settings, the activation fails. Sometimes it will say imessage is turned on (and I'll even get the alert on my macbook that imessage is now being used with my phone), but the phone still does not send or receive imessages.

(16 Nov '14, 14:21) N104 N104's gravatar image

O dear this is a common isdue with silly users .

If you still have wifi access. Or at least afc 2 ...install Mterminal from biggboss or new term from hashbang repo.

Login I as root and type ....

nvram -d wifiaddr


You'll have to log out of iMessage and FaceTime etc and sign back in

Changing Mac address is a no no as you have discovered ..... You may even need to restore after running that command to reactivite FaceTime etc as app.e thinks your pirating as you've saud .


answered 16 Nov '14, 14:21

Tilerone's gravatar image


edited 16 Nov '14, 14:25

Thanks for the answer. I've tried nvram -d wifiaddr though and it doesn't help iMessage.

(16 Nov '14, 14:24) N104 N104's gravatar image

Restore as I've said ... Only restore if wifi is worki g

(16 Nov '14, 14:25) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Yeah I tried several restores (and not putting a backup on).

(16 Nov '14, 14:32) N104 N104's gravatar image
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