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On my iPod touch 5th gen running iOS 8.1, my iPod seems to respring randomly when I run "Heavy" apps that use a lot of ram. Even though I have nothing installed from Cydia, it still happens. It seems like just being jailbroken seems to significantly slow my device. Anyone else with this issue?

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asked 31 Oct '14, 21:48

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I have the same issue and after reading this I now understand why my device only resprings in certain apps .. even after the so called "update" for pangu 0.3 it didnt fix anything still same issue .. hope a real fix comes soon... for now I have found using icleaner and cleaner useful and then rebooting after both are done ..


answered 02 Nov '14, 17:54

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It's total b.s. I still got a bad safari, still randomly respringing,and my volume cuts out. Updates are not helping.

(02 Nov '14, 20:34) weswoods20X4 weswoods20X4's gravatar image

This Reddit post may be able to shed some light:

High CPU usage on some devices

As the Cydia homepage says: "We are looking into an issue where on some boots there is a lot of background CPU usage (we do not yet know what is causing this)." This seems to be happening on older devices (32-bit devices) such as the iPhone 5. The symptoms may be a hot device, battery drain, or seeing launchd or other daemons using a lot of CPU. There is no real workaround for this yet; disabling random daemons can easily cause more problems than it solves. You can try rebooting again; the problem doesn't seem to happen on every boot.


answered 31 Oct '14, 21:54

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I have the same problem and it's really really annoying. I hope they create a fix soon.

(01 Nov '14, 00:09) ethanrih ethanrih's gravatar image

got same problem, on my iphone 5. friend told, it have same problem on 4S. atempted to run Cow game and it resprings. also ios is restarting.

(02 Nov '14, 17:58) kasis1000 kasis1000's gravatar image

Maybe its apples dirty revenge for jailbreaking and their way to get a newer device ;D. Just kidding.

(02 Nov '14, 18:36) Drakeym132 Drakeym132's gravatar image


(02 Nov '14, 19:01) kasis1000 kasis1000's gravatar image

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