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Hello there, I will explain my problem and list details about my phone below that.

Backstory: I jail-broke my phone about a year ago now and had problems with my themes not working, only this one "BUUF" theme would work, and nothing else major would, only minor things IF I turned off BUUF or anything else I had that related to the appearance of things. That's the only real problem I've had, I hadn't even been in Cydia for months until about a week ago. I updated any/everything that needed it. I had deleted ALL my themes inside Winter-board and Dream-board, and I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my problem, just wanted to mention this because (although probably irrelevant in fixing it) I had enabled 2 different themes in winter-board and when I re-sprung, I could no longer send any MMS, there may have been something else I did in between though so don't hold me to that, just saying.

Problem: Every conversation is blue as if everyone has an iPhone. I can RECEIVE texts from people no matter what phone they're using. But I can only send with imessage, also, no matter what, it keeps sending from my email. My phone number removed itself from being an option when turning imessage on/off, but it's back on the list now, although it still sends from email regardless. When I turn imessage off by the way, and go into messages, it will not let me access messages until I set up/turn on imessage again.

Iphone4: IOS 6.1.3 Model: MD127LL/A Network: AT&T

I would really appreciate any and all input/suggestions because I really don't want to update and lose my jailbreak if I can help it. Thank you sincerely for your time - Lost ass blonde chick.


You don't have to lose your jailbreak if you have to resort to restoring. 7.1.2 is jailbreakable and you can always stay at your current version thanks to blobs.

(22 Oct '14, 22:38) Will0401 Will0401's gravatar image

Okay, thank you! that's good to know that my worst case scenario isn't all that bad. If I do so I'd probably just upgrade and re-jailbreak. Or I may just go out and get a 5 tomorrow...who knows. Thank you so much for your input! appreciate it! I'm new here.

(22 Oct '14, 22:49) Jamiepoo Jamiepoo's gravatar image

That is very peculiar, your iPhone was acting like an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone, very strange..., can you still call with it?

(22 Oct '14, 23:16) erikito3625 erikito3625's gravatar image

Perhaps you need to re-activate your phone with AT&T? MMS is a carrier issue.

(23 Oct '14, 11:35) Lanulos Lanulos's gravatar image
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