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I currently have an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1 that is jailbroken with evasi0n. I am perfectly fine with everything, however many apps are now "requiring" 7.0 or later in order to download and use(for example the NFL app, fanduel app, etc...) I DO NOT want iOS 7 on my device so I am wondering if there are any options at all to be able to use these apps without updating my iOS? Maybe some kind of emulation or iOS Cydia hack to "fool" my device into thinking it has iOS 7??

asked 03 Oct '14, 17:36

lambo's gravatar image


No is the simple answer .... You will hear folks saying you can fake your ios version ... Don't do it or you'll be on ios 8.0.2.

By the way you can have ios 7 on your device ...... Only ios 8 if you update.

Update ...get with the times..... Or stay where you are and have shitty old unsupported apps.


answered 03 Oct '14, 17:48

Tilerone's gravatar image


edited 03 Oct '14, 17:49

I think @Tilerone means you CAN'T have 7 on your device. Apple is no longer signing 7.x.x so either you stick with 6.1 or update to 8.0.2

(03 Oct '14, 18:33) mikewsw17 mikewsw17's gravatar image

@Tilerone - is that what you meant? I can't have iOS 7 on my device?? Because worst case scenario is that I have to update to iOS 7. Inside iTunes when my iPhone is plugged in it says "there is an update available" to 7.1.1 and I have the option of updating it to 7.1.1 but if I do that will my jailbreak be gone and only non-jailbreak apps will still be on my device???

(06 Oct '14, 22:44) lambo lambo's gravatar image

Stay where you are or it's IOS 8 for you!

As@Tilerone states Apple is no longer signing IOS 7.

Best to take advantage of new Jailbreaks as and when they become available.

Not only is your device in a current up to date condition, some securty flaws in IOS get patched with the release of newer firmware.

(06 Oct '14, 23:08) vilopjdwebreg vilopjdwebreg's gravatar image

iTunes is telling you that 7.1.1 is available because you haven't updated iTunes in awhile. If you attempt restoring it will fail until you update iTunes. After that, it'll succeed. On iOS 8.0.2.

(06 Oct '14, 23:33) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image
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