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I'm showing "it Safe Mode" where the time usually is and when I choose it it gives me the message that Springboard has just crashed and that MobileSubstrate /did not/ cause this problem. It tells me to reboot or restart springboard. When I perform a hard reboot it just reboots in safe mode again. When I actually choose the "Restart" option from the SpringBoard error message it just sits there, locked up, and doesn't do anything. Any insight?

I have also, from safe mode, just tried turning the device off then back on and the apple appears, however never boots; just sits there showing the apple on a black screen.

asked 04 Apr '11, 15:12

ninjafistmagnum's gravatar image


You've installed some cydia tweak it doesn't like, probably something not updated for 4.3.1 yet. What's the last thing you installed?


answered 04 Apr '11, 15:13

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

mywi, quick sms, wi-fi sync, [redacted], sbsettings (don't think it installed), sbscalendar (don't think it installed), 3g Unrestrictor, ireal sms 3.0, maybe a few other things. I completely forgot that some things weren't going to be updated, I guess I can go back and find out what wasn't and delete that package.

Also, I just got a GPG error.

(04 Apr '11, 15:22) ninjafistmagnum ninjafistmagnum's gravatar image

Yeah I'd just start over and install them one at a time, rebooting after each, that's the best way to find out what it was.

(04 Apr '11, 15:25) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Thanks man, you've been a lot of help.

(04 Apr '11, 15:26) ninjafistmagnum ninjafistmagnum's gravatar image

Why do want all that lol, and it must of cost you a bit to install some of those Cydia apps, nice to see you supporting the Devs......what's the name of your one eyed parrot.


answered 04 Apr '11, 15:26

venusanann's gravatar image


Arrrrrrr ;)

(04 Apr '11, 15:27) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Lol....skull & crossbones for homescreen wallpaper.

(04 Apr '11, 15:31) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

Hey, I have a lot of those apps too! Not everyone using all those are pirates. I've proudly purchased all of them, and have even donated to some developers such as @ rpetrich (creator of Activator and other programs) because of their excellent work, even when they don't ask for money.

It's those developers that make all the stuff possible when we jailbreak.

Supporting them with a few bucks is the least we can do.

(04 Apr '11, 18:14) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

I had the same problem, and it happened after i installed ireal sms 3.0 . (besides, it is the only app we have in common). so here u go, be aware of ireal sms 3.0 , it seems like sometimes it can be tricky


answered 03 Jul '11, 08:14

Prayera's gravatar image


Same with me, the problem is iReal sms 3.0 After I removed it, everything is OK. I have iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.3, with JB and unlock


answered 25 Jul '11, 17:40

swift021's gravatar image


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