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Hello I'm posting this because I just bought a new iPhone 5c and jailbroke it the next day. I did this for the extra features you get which are abundant in the regular IOS.

This is the story in which I need help fixing please Grin

I bought the iPhone 5c from an O2 store in the UK. I set it up and used it for a day or two and then decided to see if there was any jailbreaks around as I haven't done it since the iPhone 3gs. Every thing working fine for about 2-3 weeks however recently, a few days ago, my iphone kept crashing and not going into safe mode. It would boot up and be fine for about 30 seconds and then crash. It done this twice and then was fine for 5 minutes and happened again. However this time it would crash whilst booting so the phone wouldn't turn on. It went then into recovery mode. I plugged it into my PC and it would give me error 14 when restoring. I restarted my Pc and it would restore. But the next day I had the same problem.

I fear by jailbreaking my phone I have damaged the hardware in it because when you restore, I'm under the impression that you format the ssd and reinstall the IOS fresh. But for it to have carried on there must be something wrong with the phone itself?

Also I thought by restoring it as a new phone would stop the old, possibly broken files going back on my phone which might have caused it to crash. But it still crashed.

When the phone crashes the screen fades and it's like there's small lines streaking through.

I need some help asap as I can not afford another phone and by jail breaking the phone I have voided the warranty.

One last thing I heard that apple do a 'One time policy' where even if they know you have jail broken it, as long as its not completely obvious and you don't mention that its been jail broken (Don't lie if asked, as with apple, telling the truth strangely pays off) then they will replace the phone stress free.

Any advice from any experts on the matter would be great thanks! Grin

You have a hardware problem. This is not caused by the jailbreak. Restore to stock, then take it in for warranty service. They won't know it had been jailbroken (unless you tell them), no traces are left behind. Do not restore your iTunes backup, they'll replace the phone anyway so there's no poiint in doing that.


answered 27 Aug '14, 19:58

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spockers ♦♦

edited 27 Aug '14, 19:59

hankyou so much, I've been panicking about this. Would it have been possible that the jailbreak caused a hardware malfunction?

(28 Aug '14, 09:28) ReadsMedia ReadsMedia's gravatar image


(28 Aug '14, 09:52) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image
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