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I got movie box on my ipod touch 4th gen. there was some problems so i restored my ipod, but the new update for movie box is for ios 7 and i have ios 6. is there a way i can get an older version of movie box? also i have an ipad and it has movie box and i want to know if there is a way i could take it from there some how and put it on my ipod?

asked 23 Aug '14, 12:59

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closed 23 Aug '14, 13:02

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The question has been closed for being "Piracy (against the rules)" by Tilerone, 23 Aug '14, 13:02

Moviebox isn't a tweak's an app.......lWe don't support piracy.... You got moviebox by adding piracy sources. We won't help you ... Restore rejailbreak .... When cydia warns you about a source ....DONT ADD IT.

Try paying for movies and music and stop stealing.

Please read the rules when asking a question.


answered 23 Aug '14, 13:01

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edited 23 Aug '14, 13:08

what do you mean. i went to the source for movie box,, and it does not say anything about not adding the source. im not stealing anything and i dont know where to look to find the rules.

(23 Aug '14, 15:23) dadavis250 dadavis250's gravatar image

Moviebox gives you movies.... Which you should purchase. ...ok thst source doesn't give you a warning but moviebox is piracy .... Getting things you should pay for is stealing.

Rules are shown when you click ask a question. It DOES say do t ask about piracy .... Moviebox is a source of piracy. As i Just said ... Movies which you should pay for .... They are streamed from illegal sources..... Case closed

(23 Aug '14, 16:34) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

I think the first question is quite legit. It's not a question about piracy, it's a question about installing an older version of an app/tweak. What he then does with the app could very much be about piracy, but the question does not involve anything about the usage of the app itself.

I know this is an old thread and I haven't yet come across this problem, but it interests me as I am still running iOS 6 on my iDevic and it is just a matter of time till I also stumble into similar problem.

(30 Nov '14, 21:19) sidios sidios's gravatar image

Why is everyone so hard on moviebox? I get it that it's piracy but I think it would be better if u just help the fella. Anyways try this Facebook link But u need Facebook account


(22 Dec '14, 16:08) mtowny mtowny's gravatar image

Also this is a pgyer link which has nothing to do with jailbreak

(22 Dec '14, 16:09) mtowny mtowny's gravatar image

Dont assist or you will be banned ..... We have rules pls follow them or leave

(22 Dec '14, 16:11) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

removed my moderator

(22 Dec '14, 17:25) mtowny mtowny's gravatar image

removed my moderator

(22 Dec '14, 17:27) mtowny mtowny's gravatar image

Ha bant. I like dick

(22 Dec '14, 19:14) mtowny mtowny's gravatar image

Seriously though why am I being a useless wank bag

(22 Dec '14, 19:17) mtowny mtowny's gravatar image

Nice. You changed my comment. I ain't even mad. Well done!

(23 Dec '14, 04:24) mtowny mtowny's gravatar image

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