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I recently installed Veency. Using a handful of VNC Viewers, I connected to my phone and entered my password and the majority of the viewers showed a black screen. Others would show my homescreen, but when I took any action, I could not see it. I would only see the static image of my homescreen.

I tried several clients like RealVNC, TightVNC, Chicken of the VNC, and the built in Screen Share on OSX Mavericks. I also tried another VNC Viewer on OSX but got the same result.

If anyone could help me figure out how to get my VNC working, that'd be awesome.

Edit: For some reason, it now works on a different network. It may have actually not been working, or I may have just been impatient.

asked 21 Aug '14, 16:20

Sorgrum's gravatar image


edited 21 Aug '14, 22:30

I have the same problem. Have you found a solution? I can't believe somebody doesn't have the answer!! Jailbreak has got to have worked. Veency is obviously installed. Able to view iphone screen from PC. Iphone does not recognise key input. I have seen where you have to have mouse installed, but I seem to have that. I do not have a sim in the phone, but I can't see why this should upset things?


answered 28 Sep '14, 08:07

nibaru's gravatar image


Haven't gotten an answer. Sorry man.

(28 Sep '14, 08:22) Sorgrum Sorgrum's gravatar image

I can connect to my iPhone 5 running veency from my ipad running real vnc viewer without any problems.

Are you connecting over home network or mobile data?

It could well be you have a slow connection? What happens when you disconnect and reconnect, still a black screen?

(28 Sep '14, 08:43) vilopjdwebreg vilopjdwebreg's gravatar image

I had not tried from PC for a while, yes you are right you can view the screen, but no other actions can be performed.

(28 Sep '14, 09:11) vilopjdwebreg vilopjdwebreg's gravatar image

You have to turn off "remote cursor" in the client settings, if I recall correctly. It's been a LONG time since I played with that. Also set the client to 8-bit if that's available.

(28 Sep '14, 09:28) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

I am connecting via wireless home network, Connection doesn't seem overly slow. Just no response!!

Where do I alter those settings? In the VNC software on PC?


(28 Sep '14, 09:55) nibaru nibaru's gravatar image

If you can connect to your phone from a VNC viewer like TightVNC, but you can't control the Iphone:

  • Go to the Iphone's general settings, find the Veency VNC server in the list
  • Go to its settings and set a password for it
  • Now when you make a connection from the computer it will ask for the password
  • And then you can control the Iphone with your mouse

I'm not sure why but with the function without a password where you accept the connection from the Iphone, you're basically stuck on "read only" for VNC.

If you get stuck on a black screen, make sure to give it enough time to load (say at least 30 seconds to a minute) then try a different encoding, like Hextile (in Connection configuration)


answered 16 Oct '14, 16:49

errago's gravatar image


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