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After jailbreaking with evasi0n , opening cydia and trying to download tweaks or apps each one of them tell me needs to download something like cydia substrate ..etc Can someone tell me names of the essential tweaks should i download before start using cydia? Thanks so much

asked 13 Aug '14, 06:54

fouadnahhat's gravatar image



If any tweaks or apps hava a dependances, cydia will install them automatically so just install any tweaks or apps and...enjoy :) Have a nice day

(13 Aug '14, 07:18) Expl0snif Expl0snif's gravatar image

I cant download them because the dependances box is red and there is no 'install' icon

(13 Aug '14, 18:34) fouadnahhat fouadnahhat's gravatar image

Did you delete any sources?

(13 Aug '14, 18:45) Tony99 Tony99's gravatar image

No but some of my sources are empty what i have to do:/

(15 Aug '14, 09:19) fouadnahhat fouadnahhat's gravatar image

If sources are empty, go to "changes" and press "refresh"


answered 15 Aug '14, 09:23

Tony99's gravatar image


Ok so this is what I a going to do, I don't have an iphone on me to jailbreak right now but there's the list of essencials that I have on my phone (maybe there are somes that aren't essencial but, who cares ?) -Base structure -APT 0.7 Strict (lib) -APT 0.7 (apt-key) -APR (/usr/lib) -diff utilities -debian utilities -cydia translations -core utilities (/bin) -bzip2 -bourne-again Shell -new curses -LZMA utils -iphone Firmware (/sbin) -gzip -grep -GNU Privacy Guard -Find utilities -debian packager -uikit tools -tape archive -system-cmds -shell-cmds -sed -readline -profile directory -pcre -PAM Modules -PAM (apple) -cydia installer -Substrate safe mode -preferenceloader -pincrush -libhide -rocketbootstrap -apple file conduit "2" (you don't HAVE to do it but it can be helpful) -file-cmds -diskdev-cmds -core Utilites -zip -unzip -iconsupport -7-zip (POSIX) -unrar -berkeley DB -APT 0.7 strickt -APT 0.6 transition -symbolicate -flipswitch -libobjcipc -cydia substrate -libsymbolicate

Ok, this is my list of ""essencials"" that I think you had to install if you haven't


answered 14 Aug '14, 04:37

Expl0snif's gravatar image


Those apps need to be installed manualy or they are installed automatically after jailbreaking? I have a problem that some of my sources are empty! Anw thankss sooo much for ur answer

(15 Aug '14, 09:18) fouadnahhat fouadnahhat's gravatar image

nothing is essential in jailbreaks. not even cydia.


answered 15 Aug '14, 12:07

jp5or's gravatar image


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