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Does anyone else's safari and ifile constantly crash? They are totally random and crash reporter says there are no suspects every single time. Kinda hard to find the culprit with no info. Does this happen to anyone else around here? Its really annoying. iPhone5S running 7.0.6. No piracy installed whatsoever

asked 29 Jul '14, 14:14

rjr112487's gravatar image


edited 29 Jul '14, 14:15

Nope.... I'll use your phrase " kinda hard to find the culprit with no info" xD

Device... Ios .... Repos.....tweaks ?

(29 Jul '14, 14:15) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

That would take a loooong time. I guess ill take photos and paste a link to imgur. Give me a few minutes

(29 Jul '14, 14:16) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

Reinstall iFile. That should fix it. And Safari, not sure. You can always clear the history and cache

(29 Jul '14, 14:19) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

Try appinfo tweak and just post to pastebin

(29 Jul '14, 14:19) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

^^^ Waaaay easier than multiple screenshots.

(29 Jul '14, 14:34) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Here is a link to the pastebin. Already listed my device and iOS

(29 Jul '14, 14:34) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

Whoa, I've never heard of about half of those, but I don't theme or font. What happens in safe mode?

(29 Jul '14, 14:38) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

I'm really into theming as you can tell haha It doesn't throw me to safe mode when safari or ifile crash. It just force quits the app and then I get a notification banner from Crash reporter that says safari or ifile has crashed, there are no suspects.

(29 Jul '14, 14:53) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

O_O You have all those tweaks and you are wondering why Safari crashes?!

(29 Jul '14, 14:59) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

Yes. So having a bunch of tweaks means your safari will constantly crash?

(29 Jul '14, 15:04) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

No I meant if you manually go to safe mode, do Safari and iFile work reliably?

(29 Jul '14, 15:30) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Try removing Movie Box.

(29 Jul '14, 16:35) iAdam1n ♦ iAdam1n's gravatar image

Movie Box wasn't installed using a piracy repo tho. I cant live without that as im in bed before 10 oclock during the week and pretty much every show I watch is on at 10. I will remove it tho and see if the problem persists without it. Still haven't had a chance to check safe mode. Thanks for all the help guys!

(29 Jul '14, 16:44) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

Safe Mode is your savior. Try it

(29 Jul '14, 17:02) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image
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