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Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to unlock an iDevice on iOS7 through MobileTerminal. And secondly, how to control music play using the command line. Looking at the song list, changing songs or starting up a random song at least. I am connected to my iPhone with my iPad through SSH. I was able to install Cydia tweaks remotely already with apt-get and now I'd like to be able to unlock the passcode, ultimately to be able to run commands like $ open or other apps.

Thank you

1) SSHMediaControls doesn't sounds that bad, you can try it, I'm too lazy, anyways, I recommend activator: first do apt-get install libactivator grep less (once as root) to get all software I'll talk about

then you have: less a utility to display text and make you able to scroll through it dynamically without needing to print the whole screen full of text (and get out of memory and crash): usage less filneame or a command | less to "less" the output of the command (if the command prints much output)

grep a utility which basically allows you to search trough a pattern in a stream or file

activator the command line interface of rpetrich's activator

then you can do activator to get an usage of it's command line. You can do activator listeners |less to list all possible actions (use q to quit less, return or e to scroll down and y to scroll up, space to go one page down). Do activator send <listener> to execute an action, so for example for the iPod question:

activator listeners | grep -i ipod ( we use this to only get the lines that contain ipod, and the -i flag for case insensitivity) returns: libactivator.ipod.toggle-playback libactivator.ipod.previous-track libactivator.ipod.resume-playback libactivator.ipod.pause-playback

the actions are quiet self-explaining, so for example to play / pause music you would do activator send libactivator.ipod.toggle-playback

For the lockscreen part, we again search for lockscreen in activator's actions:

activator listeners | grep -i lockscreen returns like: libactivator.lockscreen.toggle libactivator.lockscreen.dismiss

where you again just can do activator send libactivator.lockscreen.toggle to unlock / lock your device.

"Conclusion:" install activator and do activator send libactivator.ipod.toggle-playback to toggle playback and activator send libactivator.lockscreen.toggle, even take a look at the package @Spydar007 suggested.

(sigh this answer was to long for me again, and I'm too lazy to read trough it again...)


answered 26 Jul '14, 13:29

daniel664's gravatar image


I read this a bit late, didnt follow up the post after I installed sshmediacontrols. Daniel, your post is really good, thanks! Activator is such a powerful tool if you know how to use (which i now do a little better thanks to you:D )

(01 Aug '14, 13:08) Daminekraftyy Daminekraftyy's gravatar image

No, you cannot unlock it through MobileTerminal (because MobileTerminal is on-device) or SSH.

Try SSHMediaControls from Cydia's BigBoss repo.


answered 25 Jul '14, 13:47

Spydar007's gravatar image


edited 25 Jul '14, 13:48

I know MobileTerminal is on-device. I am using it to ssh into my other device to send commands. Iw ill have a look at SSHMediaControls and then update this post.

(26 Jul '14, 04:43) Daminekraftyy Daminekraftyy's gravatar image

ofc u can. u can everything, u just need the right software....

(26 Jul '14, 13:04) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

I call BULLSH$@ Im not making any accusations or saying your doing anything bad but it kinda sounds like your trying to get around a pass code just sayin!!!

(01 Aug '14, 14:40) SILVERNINA SILVERNINA's gravatar image

You stupid or just pretending? I dont really see the need getting around a passcode when I have root access to the device via SSH already... Just sayin

(01 Aug '14, 15:42) Daminekraftyy Daminekraftyy's gravatar image
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