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I'm on an 4S 7.0.4 evasi0n jailbreak. I was wondering since mobile substrate/cydia substrate make the phone really slow. Is there a way I could make the substrate run faster? I keep going into safe mode my turning off my phone then turning it back on while holding the volume up button so it'll not use those tweaks that require mobile/cydia substrate. I want to use my tweaks but the substrate makes my phone run really slow & it over heat a lot & my battery drains faster. Tweaks I have installed...

Accelerate Activator Ad Blocker Animer(xsellize repo) AppCake(xsellize repo) Applist Appsync for ios 7(iphonecake) Apptray(biteyourapple) Aura(biteyourapple) ayecon ios 7(xsellize) Barrel(biteyourapple) BatterySafe BetterFolders BigBoss Icon Set Bigify BiteSMS biteSMS AON BlackCarbon(xsellize) BYA Repo Icons(biteyourapple) BytaFont 2 CCControls ClassicDock ClearFolders Color Keyboard For iOS 7(biteyourapple) Couria Cydia Installer Cydia Substrate Cydia Translations evasi0n 7.x Untether Five-Column Springboard GlowDock gpsPhone Gremlin Framework Gremlin Plugin Pack Gridlock 2.0(xsellize) HiddenSettings 7 HideEmAll(biteyourapple) iCleaner Icon Label Color Pack iFile(xsellize) Infinidock(xsellize) JellyLock 7 LocalIAPStore(biteyourapple) Lockscreen Clock Hide Music4Me NCAllOnly NCColors NoBlur NoSlowAnimations NowPlayingStatusBar for iOS 7 OpenSSH Pandora Downloader(xsellize) PandoraSkip(xsellize) Phantom for Snapchat Pluck 2(xsellize) QuickStore 2(biteyourapple) Repo Icons(xsellize) SameStatus SlideToUnlock: C0LORs Speed Intensifier Springtomize 3 - iOS 7(biteyourapple) Substrate Safe Mode SubtleLock (iOS7) (xsellize) TabLess TetherMe(xsellize) TinyBar TransparentVolume User Agent Faker Vine Colors Pack Wifi Booster Wifi Passwords Winterboard Zepplin


it is not a substrate does it to your phone, it what you installed. As simple as that.

(24 Jun '14, 14:07) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

It's not substrate its those pirated tweaks you have installed remove all you pirated apps and tweaks and repos then see the difference.

(24 Jun '14, 18:02) anthony4114 anthony4114's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by Tilerone, 25 Jun '14, 02:09

You will have issues with your device as long as you use stolen applications and carry repos which store stolen apps. Do yourself a favor and remove all pirated/ stolen content from your device, restore it and, for crying out loud, pay for apps. Audacity of one who comes to a forum established by Devs and asking "why apps i stole from you are not working" is beyond my believe.


answered 24 Jun '14, 14:54

slavakulikoff's gravatar image


While I completely agree with what you are saying I must say that my first encounter with a jailbroken iPhone was when a friend showed me his and told me all his music,apps,films,videos etc were free I thought this was great and wanted to jailbreak right away which I did.It was some time later before I realized that I was pirating and steeling other peoples hard work which onley came to my attention through forums like this so it is very easy to become a pirate through lack of knowledge I saw my mistakes hopefully many more will so cut the beginner some slack cheers.

(24 Jun '14, 15:46) Hambo999 Hambo999's gravatar image

Agreed,I guess you might say I'm a late bloomer when it comes to iOS devices , with the exception of the iPod. I have only owned an iPad since the 4 came out and an realitivly new to Jailbreaking...although I have been rooting my android phone for some time. Anyway it is fairly easy for noobs to get caught in the moment

(24 Jun '14, 16:17) Ross Ross's gravatar image

I doubt you'll get cought mostly everyone does it but if the issue on my phone is having pirated tweaks I will delete them and buy them. I just didn't know thy pirated tweaks was the issue. I mean I saw them for free on other repos and I figured if I can get it free why not. But yeah if that's the issue I'll just purchase them.

(24 Jun '14, 16:57) xiLuTiioN xiLuTiioN's gravatar image

Restoring ( removing any trace of pirated repo and apps), then purchasing tweaks WITHOUT ADDING ANY PIRATED REPO(S), will insure flawless experience. Also, just fyi, when you added repo which hold pirated soft you were explicitly warned.

(24 Jun '14, 17:10) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

So I should delete the xsellize repo and biteyourapple repo? and sinful iphone repo?

(24 Jun '14, 17:39) xiLuTiioN xiLuTiioN's gravatar image

How many times do you want me to state the same thing?

(24 Jun '14, 17:40) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

Deleted all the pirated apps/tweaks and the repos that had pirated app/tweaks & my phone is running smooth,battery drains as if it was still on safe mode & so far it hasn't over heat. Thanks :)

(24 Jun '14, 18:25) xiLuTiioN xiLuTiioN's gravatar image

Yes you are warned about pirate repos but you have just jailbroken and don't know any better that's the way I felt.Thanks to forums like this I have learned about piracy so once again cut some of the newbs a bit of slack.

(24 Jun '14, 18:26) Hambo999 Hambo999's gravatar image

Just hope this forum is found by others that use pirated tweaks and repos so thy delete them and see what a massive difference it is to have nothing pirated vs purchasing the tweaks. I'd say buying them is much more worth it than getting them free and making my phone slow amd draining the battery.

(25 Jun '14, 01:24) xiLuTiioN xiLuTiioN's gravatar image

Cydia doesn't make it slow ....what you added to it did.

List all repos and tweaks you have used and read this


answered 24 Jun '14, 14:07

Tilerone's gravatar image


I have a 4s and not slow at all

(24 Jun '14, 14:11) Shonc502 Shonc502's gravatar image

Alright I just updated this with the tweaks I have

(24 Jun '14, 14:51) xiLuTiioN xiLuTiioN's gravatar image

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