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Sometimes when I open apps I can't leave them, I can't use control or notification center, and any notifications I get sound in the background and don't show. And I can't lock my device but it'll only turn the screen somewhat off (when I tap the home button I'll go directly back into the app I was locked into) any idea what could be causing this? On ios 7.0.4 iPod touch 5G 16GB

asked 29 May '14, 17:37

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List your tweaks and repos

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Action Menu,Action Menu Plus Pack, Activator, ActiveBoard, Addial for iOS 7, Alkaline, Alkaline for Carla iOS 7, AllDrop Always iPod Play AndroidLock XT Apex 2 (iOS 7) AppBox AppHide AppList AppSync for iOS 7.0+ auki Barrel Batman snapchat BatteryFullAlert BetterNC7 BetterPowerDown Bloard Canopy for iOS 7 CCControls CCControls Default Themes CCLoader ColorFlow Coono CustomCover CustomWidgetIcons CyDelete7 Cydia Substrate DefiNeC Fabius Utils Flat7 Theme Flipswitch Gesture Music Controls GIFPaper GIFViewer Shortener for Action Menu Gridlock 2.0 GridSwitcher HASHBANG Productions Common HiddenSettings7 HiddenSettings7 Icon IconSupport Infiniboard Instahancer InTube iPod Flipswitch Kik Camera Gallery libhide libobjcipc libstatusbar LinkTunes LockPages LongerAutoLock Messages Customiser Metaphrase MewSeek Minimal Wifi-signal CS NCObey NCSingleTapClear NoAdStoreOpen NoBlur NoSpot iOS 7 NoStoreButton7 Open In App For Photos Pandora Downloader PasswordPilot Phantom for Snapchat Photo Organizer 7 PreferenceLoader Private Browsing Switch Reddit Zeppelin Requests 2 {citric} ReplaceBlurs RocketBootstrap Safari Downloader+ Safari Upload Enabler Safe Mode Fixer for iOS 7 SearchSettings Social Duplicator Software Update Killer Springtomize 3 - iOS 7 StatusBarFix2 StatusWeather Substrate Safe Mode SubtleLock (iOS 7) SwipeSelection Pro TinyBar ToneEnabler TransparentDock TypeStatus Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler [ALPHA] VineDownloader Volume Mixer WhatsPad WiFi Booster WinterBoard YouTubed Zeppelin 7Folder Relayout 100+ logos for Zeppelin 2048 AI

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Remove the piracy repos and pirated tweaks/apps, things will work much better.


answered 29 May '14, 17:59

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