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Hey, just to make sure that its 100% no go. I've seen a similar question but it was for replacement iPhone... So even if i have the above mentioned situation with cydia installed even when apple was signing still the 7.0.6 there is no way to upgrade from 6.1 to 7? I'm out of the loop a while but didn't it used to be that if you had shsh blobs you could upgrade even after apple stopped signing? (lemme guess it doesn't work that way anymore? :P)

so either stay on 6.1 JB or go 7.1 no JB?

thanks a lot everyone

asked 24 Apr '14, 13:27

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closed 25 Apr '14, 11:24

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theiphoneguy ♦

Actually its either stay on 6.1 JB or go 7.1.1 ;)

(24 Apr '14, 15:52) Hamza_ Hamza_'s gravatar image

Why ask, you seem to already know the answer ??

(25 Apr '14, 09:53) dhlizard dhlizard's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by theiphoneguy, 25 Apr '14, 11:24

You cant upgrade to 7.0.x.


answered 24 Apr '14, 13:30

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iFlames ♦


you can upgrade to 7.0.6 if you have the proper SHSH (i highly doubt there will be 7.0.6 blobs for your iPhone) by downgrading iTunes to 10.5 and use tss server but if you're the kind of guy that can wait then wait for 7.x.x jailbreak...i recommend staying on 6.1 because iOS7 suck :P


answered 24 Apr '14, 13:31

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iPhone 5 cannot be restored to 7.0.x with/without SHSH blobs.

(24 Apr '14, 13:32) iFlames ♦ iFlames's gravatar image

Also the TSS server was obsolete with the introduction of iOS 5. Also iTunes 10.5 pre-dates iOS 7.0.6, so it wouldn't work even if the TSS server trick still worked. I recommend @midumoh do a modicum of research before answering.

(24 Apr '14, 14:05) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

^^ this.. thanks!

(24 Apr '14, 14:54) Logist Logist's gravatar image


(25 Apr '14, 03:30) Zaibatsu Zaibatsu's gravatar image

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