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Hi guys, Ive have been searching everywhere for an answer to this question, but i have found none.

Whats going on is a bar, about 1.5x the size of the dock background is occurring at the top of my background, behind the apps and ontop of the wallpaper.

I have tried enabling and disabling all of my tweaks and still no success. The only thing that has worked is when i select to remove the dock completely in springtomize3, but I like my dock. The other thing i noticed that is weird is that when i select the option to 'remove dock background' in springtomize3, it doesn't. I have respringed after every change I have made, however no matter what setting i change or get rid of the stupid thing remains. I will leave a list of all my tweaks incase someone knows of a conflict. And if anyone needs a screenshot just ask.

Specs: iPhone 4, ios 7.0.6, Envasi0n 1.0.6

Tweaks/Packages: Alkaline, AndroidLock XT, AppList, APT 0.7 HTTPPS, BigBoss Icon Set, Bigify+, biteSMS, BYA Repo Icons, Charge! Status Bar, Circul8 Status Bar, CyDelete7, Cydia Installer, Cydia Substrate, Cydia Translations, Dock&Roll, Eclipse, Forecast GUI-GPG-SEC, HYI Repo Icons, I I I I I Status Bar, iCleaner, iFile, KDLTE Pro, LockPages, Messages Customiser, NHL Zeppelin Logos, Nitrous, NoSlowAnimations, Redsgn, ShowCase, Springtomize3, Substrate Safe Mode, TinyBar, vColor, WIFI Status Bar, WinterBoard, Zeppelin, 0xygen

Sorry about the long list, any help will be greatly appreciated. This little annoyance is the only thing keeping me from being fully content with all my tweaks and themes I have installed.

Thanks guys.

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answered 21 Apr '14, 20:35

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justinred ♦

Ya i got rid of those apps once I found out what they were used for, give me some grace in the fact that i am pretty ignorant to all this jailbreaking stuff, but thanks for your help......?

(21 Apr '14, 20:41) gord1212 gord1212's gravatar image

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