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Out of curiosity, can iOS 7 apps work on iOS 6? Would downloading an ios 7 compatible app on an ios 6 iDevice damage it? (Is it dangerous?)

asked 18 Apr '14, 14:28

Jimme33's gravatar image


Are you talking AppStore or cydia.?

If AppStore if it says only 7 then only 7 .....and it won't let you download. ( some apps will install and work if you manually editing the ios version via Ifile for example, but it's not recommended as can cause serious issues unless you know what your doing)

If cydia apps then if from a default repo the description will tell you normally if lower ios compatible ... Big boss won't let you install if not compatible generally. Worst case it goes to Safemode and you just delete the tweak app .....if from a piracy repo you might be waving good by to your jailbreak as they Do nothing to protect you and will allow you to install any old shite unlike cydia default repos.

If cydia warns you about a repo......DONT ADD IT.


answered 18 Apr '14, 14:35

Tilerone's gravatar image


edited 18 Apr '14, 14:40

I'm talking about the App Store. I know the App Store will not let you download ios 7 apps on an ios 6 device. I'm asking if downloading an ios 7 app on an ios 6 device would damage it it.

(18 Apr '14, 14:40) Jimme33 Jimme33's gravatar image

Thanks for your answer, btw!

(18 Apr '14, 14:41) Jimme33 Jimme33's gravatar image

If you do and can....

1) your either getting it from an illegsl source.


2) you've edited the ios version n the file system.

Either way you take the risk in in your own hands.

(18 Apr '14, 14:42) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

K this is a hypothetical harvested from my curiosity. I'm not saying I'm going to do it. I'm just asking what what WOULD happen IF I did it. I'd like to know if anyone knows that.

(18 Apr '14, 14:55) Jimme33 Jimme33's gravatar image

As I said I may work it may not..... It maybe a cae of it simply not working.....nt maybe a case of bootloop and restoring to 7.1

(18 Apr '14, 14:58) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

An iOS 7 app probably just wouldn't work on iOS 6 - it'll try to use something that only exists in iOS 7, and since that thing doesn't exist in iOS 6, the app will get confused and crash. It is very unlikely that it would damage iOS in any way.


answered 18 Apr '14, 15:13

britta's gravatar image


edited 18 Apr '14, 15:14

nah i think either it worx or crashes, i don't think it will damage the device, 'cause appstore apps are sandboxed and cannot damage the system.


answered 18 Apr '14, 15:16

daniel664's gravatar image


If sourced from appstore ;)

(18 Apr '14, 15:19) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

I found a way to download ios 7 apps on ios 6, Use the method in this video.


answered 27 May '15, 20:51

bobusesapple123's gravatar image


Dude, this question was asked over a year ago. Surely he got his answer by now.

(27 May '15, 23:27) Tony99 Tony99's gravatar image
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