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Hey is there any possible way to make EVERYTHING and ANYTHING download in the background? I'm sick of all these apps and and in app things from pausing when I exit the app or lock my phone it forces me to stay inside the app and leave my phone open for hours at a time draining my battery and making me not even want to download it at all whatsoever is there any way to like trick the phone into thinking I have full lte coverage instead of only 2.5g per month of full data speed or a way to greatly boost my weak wifi signal or just make the things download while my phone is locked just any of those or anything else I mean I don't have to tell you guys how bad that is for the phone and battery at least I'm sure it's really bad for it any help??

asked 07 Apr '14, 08:29

Blah's gravatar image


Don't want much do ya.... Free increased download capacity.... Faster wifi......

(07 Apr '14, 08:33) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Well yea if there's no way to make it download in the back the next best thing is to make it download a hell of a lot faster so it's not open for hours at a time draining my battery and heating up

(07 Apr '14, 08:52) Blah Blah's gravatar image

And no the 2.5 g of data is just how much I can use before t mobile cuts the speed in half till the next month and I had to use it because I recently moved and this place has extremely terrible wifi the wifi at my other house was faster than my LTE so I never had to use it so I was only wondering if there was a way to trick it into thinking I haven't used any like reset the data usage count or something but ONLY IF there was no way to make things download in the background that's what I want mostly just background stuff but if not then next best thing is make my download speed better so I can download them faster and not be as worried

(07 Apr '14, 09:03) Blah Blah's gravatar image

To run apps in background so they don't stop downloading when you switch to other apps etc..... Buy and install background manager from big boss..... Set the app you wish to continue working in background to forced in settings..... Battery you can't do anything about..... Obviously whilst an app is downloading something whether in foreground or background it's going to use way more battery life....... That's why we have chargers ;)

(07 Apr '14, 09:09) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Yea but if you leave your phone open with everything on and working even harder it's going to make it worse but thanks for the background thing

(07 Apr '14, 09:23) Blah Blah's gravatar image

And btw leaving it on charge for hours at a time with the screen on and the phone doing something at the same time heats the battery up and. I know you know damn well about electronics and how bad that is for anything to be heating up and exactly how it damages your battery and shrinks it's lifespan

(07 Apr '14, 09:40) Blah Blah's gravatar image

And hey is there a way to make it use cellular and wifi together for a better speed? Or no?

(07 Apr '14, 09:53) Blah Blah's gravatar image

No lol

(07 Apr '14, 11:22) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image
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