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How can I search my file system for a certain file in stead of just browsing for it cause if I delete a tweak I want everything that has to do with that tweak gone deleted from my ipod

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asked 04 Apr '14, 13:38

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edited 04 Apr '14, 13:40

Install Ifile it has a search facility....... My no.1 app


answered 04 Apr '14, 14:00

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While there's not really a lot of scories left after a tweak uninstallation, you can use iCleaner to do the work for you.

Again, if your purpose is to gain back storage, there's not really a point doing this. Still, if you wanna do it, that'd be the way to go:

  1. Download iCleaner from Cydia;
  2. Tap the + bottom left;
  3. Tap "preference files" (or something close to this – sorry, mine's in french), fourth option or so;
  4. You now see every single tweak config you've ever installed, even if long time long gone;
  5. Tap "Modify" top corner right or swipe right to left on the ones you want to get rid of and confirm;
  6. For the vast majority of the things you can install from Cydia, that should be the only file(s) left after uninstall.


  • Use iCleaner with circumspection since it's a very powerful tool that can cause severe damages if not properly used;
  • Deleted files are gone; make sure you know what you're doing...
  • There might be files related to an app/tweak/mod which would not be deleted, iCleaner is not God;
  • Else, iFile is your best friend to delete all remaining stuff that might still be left on your device.

Finally, if the version of iCleaner does not have the above feature, download iCleaner Pro from the repo.

Hope this helps,



answered 04 Apr '14, 14:17

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edited 04 Apr '14, 14:19


(04 Apr '14, 14:32) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image

The source I rink sorry if I'm wrong

(04 Apr '14, 17:32) Aphex Aphex's gravatar image

Nah that's not a piracy repo

(04 Apr '14, 17:55) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

Ah Soz

(04 Apr '14, 17:56) Aphex Aphex's gravatar image

I removed it now. Sorry @eYe-l-aïe

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