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We'll after trying to find an answer everywhere including the JBQA live chat I might as well post this issue. I have an iPhone4 with tethered GeekSn0w JB of 7.1. I am no longer able to access raw file system over USB w iFunBox or iExplorer. Afc2add is loaded and iFile works fine. I can even access file system over iFiles web server. I am leaning towards the issue being with afc/afc2 but am not sure. While iFiles web server is a temp fix, I can't DLoad or uload whole dirs making if a huge pain.

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asked 04 Apr '14, 02:02

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afc2add worked fine on 7.0.6 so that's incorrect atkr

(05 Apr '14, 16:59) Face-Plants Face-Plants's gravatar image

Afc2add does not work on 7.1. As you know (we've talked in IRC) I'm also on 7.1 on an iPhone 4, and after many tests I've had to conclude that it just won't work until it's updated. In the mean time, use SSH. It's slower than USB, but works just fine.


answered 06 Apr '14, 19:42

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spockers ♦♦

And easy alternative would be to install OpenSSH on your device, then use WinSCP(windows) or Cyberduck(OSX) or any other similar SSH client to transfer files from your computer to your device.

There is a guide here:


answered 05 Apr '14, 11:40

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edited 06 Apr '14, 19:27

I suggest you login as mobile and not root (safer, and will most probably help you avoid file permission issues).

(05 Apr '14, 11:41) atkr atkr's gravatar image

afc2add is not dangerous on ios 7 or tons of us would be up a creek since we have it installed

(05 Apr '14, 11:43) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Not necessarily...

(05 Apr '14, 11:46) atkr atkr's gravatar image

not necessarily? its dangerous or its not. (its not). please research before answering

(05 Apr '14, 11:51) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Let me correct that: "tons of us would be up a creek since we have it installed" Not necessarily... Thought it was obvious... Also, it is dangerous. (Provides un-authorized access to your file system, if you have afc2add installed, might as well disable all other security features on your phone as they can be by-passed). But hey, I'm just trying to be helpful.

(06 Apr '14, 19:20) atkr atkr's gravatar image

I wouldn't really call afc2add "dangerous" exactly, but I would advise thinking carefully before installing it. As its description in Cydia says:

Security advice: consider that afc2add enables easier access to all the files on your device, which may be convenient, but it may not be what you want for your privacy.

(06 Apr '14, 19:38) britta britta's gravatar image

Why atkr got thumbs down for taking the time to help is beyond me. Thanks everyone for the replies

(13 Apr '14, 21:40) Face-Plants Face-Plants's gravatar image


Here is a solution that should fulfill you needs regarding downloading and uploading directories to and from your IOS devices.

You can use Total Commander with with the T-poT Plugin.

Total Commander:

T-poT Plugin:

Information about T-poT can be found here:

Cydia tweak afc2add is required!

You may need to have quicktime installed if you get the following error message regarding:

Unable to load "itunesmobiledevice.dll"


answered 05 Apr '14, 19:26

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