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Hello, i'm in very deep trouble with my friend because i told him there's this tweak called PDANET that might have the function to enable a hotspot without 3g.(we do that at school because we play LAN games, these games don't require a working WIFI connection). But i haven't done my research enough and most importantly cydia DIDN'T warn me that this package is NOT compatible with his phone's firmware(6.x), after the PDAnet told me to restart his phone to set up the tweak, his phone got deactivated and won't activate. even with itunes. Please help as i don't want to get blamed.

PS:I tried holding the volume up button when booting, nothing happened. PPS:i saw in the forums that you could "SSH" into his phone. No idea how to do it what but i'm not sure if he has openSSH installed. PPPS:It's the best to keep as much data as possible, restoring is the LAST option i would take. PPPPS: Don't throw that crap at me, it's from legit repo, legit package. not pirated(it's free anyway)

asked 26 Mar '14, 06:43

steste's gravatar image


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(26 Mar '14, 07:28) pzp1997 pzp1997's gravatar image

way to not read package descriptions

(26 Mar '14, 12:41) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

@theiphoneguy The PDANet package description doesn't say anything about iOS 6 incompatibility though, so this is odd.

(26 Mar '14, 15:24) britta britta's gravatar image

recent changes does and says supports ios 7. i hadnt looked myself, was based on his saying 6.1

(26 Mar '14, 15:37) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Looks like I'm doomed

(29 Mar '14, 23:35) steste steste's gravatar image

So... I got his phone now.

(31 Mar '14, 02:34) steste steste's gravatar image

And I will try going into dfu then restore correct?

(31 Mar '14, 02:34) steste steste's gravatar image

Will his cydia blobs of 6.x be useful? I heard you can't do that anymore...

(31 Mar '14, 02:35) steste steste's gravatar image

Could not locate which iPhone you posted about. Anyway all 6.x.x Cydia SHSH are useless and not good for a restore of applicable/eligible iDevices.

(31 Mar '14, 02:48) A08 A08's gravatar image

Ahhh, it's an iPhone 5...

(31 Mar '14, 02:56) steste steste's gravatar image

iPhone 5 stays where it is or gets restored in iTunes to iOS 7.1

(31 Mar '14, 03:37) A08 A08's gravatar image

If openssh is installed, I would try sshing in and uninstalling the package and reboot.

Otherwise, happy restoring.


answered 26 Mar '14, 09:04

atkr's gravatar image


How to SSH in? Is there a tutorial?

(26 Mar '14, 18:01) steste steste's gravatar image

There are many tutorials on how to ssh in your device. Find one appropriate for your OS/environment.

Once you are in, become the root user and uninstall the package with dpkg -P packagename

You should be able to find the "packagename" by running dpkg -l | grep -i pdanet

(02 Apr '14, 20:39) atkr atkr's gravatar image

That's odd, PDANet should be compatible with iOS 6 along with iOS 7. You could try emailing the developer for help:


answered 26 Mar '14, 15:23

britta's gravatar image


I tried emailing, but I got the email back saying the developer's email doesn't exist

(26 Mar '14, 17:56) steste steste's gravatar image

The error returned was "too many recipients"

(26 Mar '14, 17:57) steste steste's gravatar image

I think the dev is trying to escape with too many complaints

(26 Mar '14, 18:00) steste steste's gravatar image

that means you sent it to multiple people

(26 Mar '14, 18:05) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

I only typed in the debs email

(26 Mar '14, 18:06) steste steste's gravatar image

doesnt exist and too many recipients are polar opposites.

(26 Mar '14, 18:07) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

@steste What method did you use to email the developer? Clicking "Author" on the package page in Cydia, or something else? Did you try this contact form?

(26 Mar '14, 19:57) britta britta's gravatar image

Is your friends phone network from a sim? And by deactivated like no network? And foxfi runs with PDA NET i believe and that's a paid app.

(26 Mar '14, 20:06) SILVERNINA SILVERNINA's gravatar image

This could be your problem or I could be way off bht this sounds similar to a problem a few days ago

(26 Mar '14, 20:07) SILVERNINA SILVERNINA's gravatar image

you need wifi to activate, but it's a activate loop

(28 Mar '14, 07:08) steste steste's gravatar image

itunes won't recognize

(28 Mar '14, 07:08) steste steste's gravatar image

recovery mde doesn't work

(28 Mar '14, 07:08) steste steste's gravatar image

Try putting it in DFU mode so that iTunes detects it in Recovery mode

(30 Mar '14, 02:47) A08 A08's gravatar image

Ok i will try that

(31 Mar '14, 01:49) steste steste's gravatar image
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