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i have an out-of box ipod touch 4g with preloaded iOS 4.2.1.tried to jailbreak using the windows version of GPRC5.tried few times and i keep getting the jailbreak failed :( message in the end?does this really work?how to fix this?

asked 05 Feb '11, 20:56

amiesajali's gravatar image


Getting same issue using windows xp. Would love to see an answer for that issue :) please and thank you :)

(05 Feb '11, 21:10) Skelsey Skelsey's gravatar image

i guess i hav to wait until my sister wake up and try to jailbreak using her computer...its 5 in the morning here in russia btw...i cudnt sleep waiting for this!

(05 Feb '11, 21:17) amiesajali amiesajali's gravatar image

yes its working...try using another computer

(06 Feb '11, 00:44) amiesajali amiesajali's gravatar image

If you are on windows vista or windows 7 running as administrator worked for me. right click>run as administrator


answered 05 Feb '11, 20:57

mvd120's gravatar image


thanks.i'm using win7 32-bit yep..tried as admin and tried few compatibility settings..still not working

gonna try it using other computer later..maybe its because of my itunes/apple usb driver something..even had trouble restoring ipod..error after error.....

i think its sign to throw this 4-years old computer away :P

(05 Feb '11, 21:20) amiesajali amiesajali's gravatar image

my xp tells me i need a password what it is????

(21 Mar '11, 00:22) gamesblue gamesblue's gravatar image

after clicking run as administrator, it also ask me a password

(26 May '11, 21:28) markpalacio761 markpalacio761's gravatar image

When this shows up:

” Unable to find gBdevList Unable to find fs_mount Unable to find fs_unmount Unable to find fs_load_file Greenpois0n initialized ”

You got to wait that itll continue and in few minutes youll be good to go.

If last line doesn`t shows up (Greenpois0n initialized), you got to try it over again from the first step.

See ya


answered 05 Feb '11, 21:02

AlvaroSantosBR's gravatar image


Hi there! I have iPad 4.2.1 and greenpois0n RC6. Tried to do jailbreak on windwos 7 and XP. The greenpois0n was started 'as administrator' on windows 7. The jailbreak failed with the same message - Jailbreak Failed :(

I've changed usb-ports and PCs, but result is the same. Is it possible to help me here?


answered 10 Mar '11, 09:55

nemo7777's gravatar image


i have also a message of jailbreak failed because o the usb ports,, what should i do?

(26 May '11, 21:31) markpalacio761 markpalacio761's gravatar image

All done on Vista because it was Vista or because that PC has direct internet connection.


answered 14 Mar '11, 05:12

nemo7777's gravatar image


I had a similar problem with 2 different devices on 3 different computers... until I found I needed to have iTunes installed on the computer I was using Greenpois0n... Maybe it's the same thing for you...


answered 14 Mar '11, 09:08

vicking's gravatar image


Either use Redsn0w or just update using Sn0wbreeze or PwnageTool.


answered 27 May '11, 00:24

JonSeals's gravatar image

JonSeals ♦

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