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Pangu provides an iOS 9.0 untethered jailbreak. TaiG provides an iOS 8.4 and 8.3 untethered jailbreak.
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You can use Cydia Impactor if you need to un-jailbreak an 8.1-8.4 device without restoring.
Instructions for jailbreaking iOS 8.0-8.4.
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Jailbreaking 101: A Crash Course in the Art of Jailbreaking

Disclaimer: This guide has been written in a way that (hopefully) beginners can understand. Its purpose is to provide a more concise version of the FAQ to allow for beginners to "jump right in to" the jailbreaking community, or just so that you can brush up on your knowledge. It is by no means a fully comprehensive guide -- that's what the FAQ is for. Without further ado...

Jailbreak Tools

evasi0n 7 (not to be confused with evasi0n) - iOS 7.0-7.0.6 untethered jailbreak for all devices (except Apple TV).

redsn0w - iOS 6.1.6 tethered jailbreak for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G. If the device is not an Old Bootrom 3GS (you can check by looking at the Settings>General>About>Serial Number -- if the third digit is 9 and the fourth and fifth digits are less than about 35 (there's a gray area between 35 and 45), you have an Old Bootrom, otherwise, your iPhone 3GS is a New Bootrom), it can be untethered by installing the p0sixspwn package from Cydia.

p0sixspwn - iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 untethered jailbreak for all devices (except Apple TV). Also an untether package in Cydia for iOS 6.1.3-6.1.6

evasi0n (not to be confused with evasi0n 7) - iOS 6.0-6.1.2 untethered jailbreak for all devices (except Apple TV).

Seas0nPass - Jailbreaks numerous firmware versions from around iOS 4.0 to around iOS 6.1.4 for Apple TV 2.

Jailbreak Utilities

f0recast (Windows | Mac) - Tool that can display various information about a device.

Semi-Restore (aka SemiRestore, SR) - A tool that gets you as close to a full restore as possible, but without upgrading your firmware version (so that you can keep your jailbreak). Additionally, it does not un-jailbreak your device (you need to do a full restore in iTunes to do that). Supports iOS 5.0 - iOS 7.0.6. on all jailbroken devices; Windows only (however support is planned for Mac and Linux).

iFaith - A tool that manages SHSH blobs. With it, you can save blobs, find blobs, verify blobs, and stitch blobs to an IPSW (read the entry on SHSH blobs below for more information on what all this means).

TinyUmbrella (aka TU) - Allows you to save SHSH blobs locally. However, its TSS server function for restores is useless after iOS 4.

iFunBox - Tool that allows you to view the file system (with root access if the device is jailbroken) of your device on your computer. If you jailbroke with evasion 7, and can't see the root filesystem, install afc2add from the Telesphoreo repository (a default Cydia repo).


Jailbreak (aka JB) - to enable root access on your iDevice and allow the installation and execution of unsigned code. In layman's terms -- allow the installation of "tweaks" not approved by Apple (mainly) via an application called Cydia.

Cydia - An application created by Jay Freeman (aka saurik) that allows one to easily search for and install packages. This app almost always comes bundled with a jailbreak.

Packages - A general term for tweaks, themes, applications, and other things that can be installed via Cydia. Always ends with the .deb extension.

Tweaks - A package that makes a modification to iOS (almost always) made via Cydia Substrate that adds features to your device.

Themes - A package that, when applied (mainly) with WinterBoard, will make a modification to the User Interface (UI). This can range anywhere from icon or slider modifications to very detailed changes of almost every graphic in the UI.

Applications - Similar to apps from that Apple App Store, however they are not approved by Apple for various reasons. These applications will usually have their own icon on the SpringBoard.

Cydia Substrate (aka CS, Mobile Substrate, MS) - Also created by saurik, Cydia Substrate is a framework that 99% of tweaks rely on. Along with Substrate Safe Mode, this package helps keep your device safe when you install something that is incompatible with your device, or is incompatible with another package you have installed. Instead of going into a boot loop, your device will reboot into a state where all tweaks that depend on Cydia Substrate are disabled, so that you can open up Cydia and fix the problem. The normal user will not have much interaction with Cydia Substrate, besides when your device boots into Safe Mode.

WinterBoard - An application made by saurik (with many other contributors) that is the most popular way to apply themes. A real staple for the iOS themer.

SpringBoard (aka home screen) - In the simplest terms: the pages where your icons are.

Firmware - Another (more technical) name for iOS (i.e. my iPhone 4 is on iOS 7.0.4 is synonymous with my iPhone 4 is on firmware version 7.0.4).

DFU Mode - Some jailbreaks (such as redsn0w) will require you to boot into DFU mode to jailbreak your device. To do this, hold down the home and power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the power button, but continue to hold the home button for 12 more seconds. If you did this right, the screen should be black.

Repository (aka repo, source) - Websites that host packages. Cydia does not actually have any packages "in it," rather it is just a special viewer for these websites that allows you to search and download packages from them (similar to how one could use Google Chrome to access YouTube to watch a video). When you jailbreak your device, four, "default" repos will be installed: BigBoss, ModMyi, Cydia/Telesphoreo, ZodTTD.

Paid Packages - Cydia does contain packages which you might have to pay for. You can tell if a package is paid if the name is blue or by checking the package description to see if it says "Purchase" in the top-left corner. Payments can be made via PayPal.

Piracy - You are not allowed to discuss piracy on JailbreakQA, and if you do pirate, we will not help you. Piracy includes installing pirated packages from Cydia, cracking packages (modifying the code to remove verification steps that you purchased the package), installing packages from Cydia that help you to pirate packages, applications from the App Store, or In-App Purchases. Don't forgot its also illegal. When people crack the package, it is possible (and highly likely) that they could also have added malicious code that will make your device's battery drain faster, cause your device to slow down, or brick your device.

Brick - A device that has become temporarily (or almost never, permanently) unusable, hence, it has in all essence become a brick (or slightly more useful, a paperweight!). Installing software packages from Cydia will not brick a device. iOS devices are very difficult to brick permanently via software, and in almost all cases the damage is reversible. For a more detailed explanation check out TheiPhoneWiki page on this topic. If you think you're stuck in a boot loop, feel free to ask the gurus on the #JailbreakQA IRC channel for help!

Boot loop - A device that when turned on will go to boot screen (the white Apple logo on a black background), but at some point the boot process will crash and restart your device. When your device restarts, the same thing will happen again, and this will happen infinitely (that's the "loop" part) until it is fixed by one of the gurus on the #JailbreakQA IRC channel. On certain occasions, the boot loop will not be fixable, this is known as a your device being permanently bricked.

SHSH blobs - A file (of sorts) that is automatically generated right before a device is restored in iTunes. It verifies that the restore is valid, including checking if Apple is still "signing" (allowing people to restore to a specific firmware version; usually only the latest version for your device will be signed by Apple) the firmware that you are trying to restore to. One can downgrade their device (or restore to a version that Apple has stopped signing) by saving blobs for later use via redsn0w, iFaith (Windows only), or TinyUmbrella. The blobs consists of two parts: APTicket and APNonce, and without both of them, the blobs are invalid. Also important to note is that blobs are device and firmware version specific (that means that for example, you can't use your friend's blobs with your device, nor can you use iOS 6.1.3 blobs to restore to iOS 6.1.2). As of now, downgrades from 7.x to 7.x are impossible on all devices (even with valid blobs), and downgrades from 6.x to 6.x are only possible on an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or iPod Touch 4th generation with valid SHSH blobs. To learn more about how to use these blobs, check out the FAQ post on downgrading.

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So I'm wondering what the best thing to do with this page would be - I'm not sure yet. One thing to keep in mind that is that many of these terms are also defined and explained on TheiPhoneWiki, so it'd be good to link to those definitions for more information (and to use them for reference). Also, some of these explanations aren't quite right - see Bricked for an example article on TheiPhoneWiki explaining the usual definitions of "bricked" for jailbroken devices.


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