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i have my iphone 5 16 GB done with jailbreak everything was going great and all my tweaks purchased but i am having a problem now like i have no more memory like something is being downloaded constantly it was 4 GB free, then i was shocked coz its 500 MB and now 0 plz can i know what to do i will appreciate it

asked 14 Mar '14, 19:57

Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image


List your tweaks and repos please

(14 Mar '14, 19:58) thatguyBryan thatguyBryan's gravatar image

Cydia > Manage > Sources > (what is listed here?)

(14 Mar '14, 20:05) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

I have : big Boss Biteyourapple Cydia/telesphoreo ZodTTD & MacCiti Thats what it shows

(14 Mar '14, 20:22) Hassan-Kh81 Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image

Listing my tweaks will be so hard, i have to write them all ?

(14 Mar '14, 20:23) Hassan-Kh81 Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image

Just list the ones you pirated with Bite Your Apple. Then delete them all along with that Repo :)

(14 Mar '14, 20:31) thatguyBryan thatguyBryan's gravatar image

So u think its the BiteYourApple ? I delete all te tweaks and remove the source ?

(14 Mar '14, 20:52) Hassan-Kh81 Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image

Yes. Pirated tweaks are an unknown. The code has already been messed with to make it free. So who's to say it hasn't been tampered with in another way too? Plus, the Dev's work hard for their product, so you should support them by paying the low price that they ask for.

(14 Mar '14, 20:56) thatguyBryan thatguyBryan's gravatar image

No no no I always purchase the tweaks brother There r things its not available even for money but biteyourapple has it for free Like biteSMS i bought and i have the email reciept and its from Biteyourapple So u want me to delete them ? U sure ?

(14 Mar '14, 21:00) Hassan-Kh81 Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image

See, the problem is that when you installed the BYA Repo, you received a warning in Cydia that you are installing a know pirating repo, and that you accept the fact that you may encounter errors and such from the tweaks you download there... And you can get BiteSMS from the beta repo @ Don't delete the tweaks you paid for. But delete whatever you got free from BYA

(14 Mar '14, 21:06) thatguyBryan thatguyBryan's gravatar image

Okay i will do that and try to find an ulternative for those like Copic and stuff to purchase it Thank u, u have been a great help Am deleting it all I thought all the repo r the same, i didnt know there is legitimate and not Anyway am new and learning from u Thanks a lot

(14 Mar '14, 21:14) Hassan-Kh81 Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image

Yep! Once you get rid of that stuff, give a good power cycle (completely off and back on) and see if it's working better. Let us know how it goes and if you need more help.

(14 Mar '14, 21:17) thatguyBryan thatguyBryan's gravatar image

Okay bro I deleted all the tweaks plus the Source Ans still the same The problem is when i go to Memroy Stroage in Cydia It shows a lot of data in " Others " but what is this Others how can i access it and used by what party ?

(15 Mar '14, 07:21) Hassan-Kh81 Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image

How many tweaks and themes do you have installed? "Other" is all that stuff. Tweaks, themes, system files.

(15 Mar '14, 08:47) thatguyBryan thatguyBryan's gravatar image

Try downloading Icleanerpro. I used Icleaner and It gave me 2.5 GB of memory (I wasn't having any memory problems at the time but it's worth a shot) P.S. I wouldn't change any of the settings if I were you, i dont know what they do. I nelieve the button to start the program is in the upper right corner of the app. Just press that and let it run it's course.

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answered 15 Mar '14, 08:52

Matt%20the%20ok%20kid's gravatar image

Matt the ok kid

My bro I have taken a lot of ur time am sure Thank u for ur help u r awesome Nothing actually worked I check my normal application to see how much each using Everything looks normal I dont know maybe something is backing up it self within the internal memory But its weird Like i will explain It happened before, i updated to 7.0.6 and i got 4 GB back even with all the cydia tweaks But then suddenly the memory was being consumed Weird I guess i will update to 7.1 and forget about jailbreak Or maybe i try to connect my phone to my computer and access the jailbreak files and see whats being dumped there


answered 15 Mar '14, 13:47

Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image


Did you try iCleaner like @Matt the ok kid said? It's definitely worth the effort before losing your jb. Give er a shot!

(17 Mar '14, 00:36) thatguyBryan thatguyBryan's gravatar image

Hello Bryan Thank u for trying to help I did try it, absolutely nothing I did everything and followed every advice and help Nothing I had to restore and lost my JB unfortunately Fhank u so much bro


answered 17 Mar '14, 00:44

Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image


I'm sorry to hear that man. Good luck and come on back if you have any more questions.

(17 Mar '14, 00:46) thatguyBryan thatguyBryan's gravatar image

I appreciate it man U guys have been very helpful Thank u very much


answered 17 Mar '14, 00:49

Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image


Thank u so much, u have been very helpful :) I appreciate it


answered 17 Mar '14, 00:50

Hassan-Kh81's gravatar image


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