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So if there's a person A and a person B, on JailbreakQA

Person A posts an answer, but then person B dislikes it, why does person B lose points?

asked 09 Mar '14, 18:11

Hamza_'s gravatar image


To prevent someone from "spam disliking" and making everyone lose karma.


answered 09 Mar '14, 18:12

pzp1997's gravatar image


A downvote takes away 2 karma.

So when Person B dislikes something, Person A loses 10 karma and Person B loses 2.


answered 09 Mar '14, 18:12

Will0401's gravatar image


That is unfair, that person B is letting people know its a bad answer, but then person B losses points as well?

(09 Mar '14, 18:14) Hamza_ Hamza_'s gravatar image

it really is fair though, you only loose 2 points then if your answer is right you get points. And karma is just lame who really cares about 2 points? are we really arguing about this.. heh..

and you cant even neg someone if you dont have enough points i think its like 200 or 150 i forget. it really works for the best since either you A> dont have enough points or "credit" to say their answer is wrong and B> as pointed out it prevents someone from making a new account and just blasting people with negs. its simple really.

(09 Mar '14, 18:25) fut4va fut4va's gravatar image

As @pzp1997 said, it's to prevent spam disliking from one user.

(09 Mar '14, 18:25) Will0401 Will0401's gravatar image

Fut4va, but these points make you better! You can become the next moderator!

(09 Mar '14, 18:29) Hamza_ Hamza_'s gravatar image

but.. if your worried about 2 points then that's not gonna happen.

and if your points mean that much to you just say "hey OP don't listen to xA's answer because its wrong" you save your precious points and you can inform the person of their wrong answer.

(09 Mar '14, 18:32) fut4va fut4va's gravatar image

Having a lot of karma doesn't necessarily make you a moderator...

(09 Mar '14, 18:32) pzp1997 pzp1997's gravatar image

Yeah, I've got 12k karma, but I'm not a moderator. The only moderator type things I can do are closing questions and editing Q&A's. Moderators can delete questions and answers, and a lot more.

(09 Mar '14, 18:35) Will0401 Will0401's gravatar image
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