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This iPhone 4s model #A1387 was given to me for repairing a charger port. They said they couldn't get it to turn on and didn't know why. I was hoping it would be an easy fix but should have known better. It is stuck in recovery mode. I tried to restore in iTunes but was unsuccessful (can't remember the error code). I tried a forced exit with tinyumbrella with no success. I attempted to change host file per Apple's FAQs and tried an iTunes restore again but keep getting a error code (9). FAQs say it islikely some security software but I have changed those settings as well. I don't know anything about this phone (IOS number, firmware, baseband). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

asked 24 Feb '14, 21:51

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theiphoneguy ♦

What about DFU restore?

(25 Feb '14, 05:06) steste steste's gravatar image

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Error 9 is when itunes can connect to device as connection is broken......

Issues could be......dodgy USB port.....Try different port.

Dodgy cable......try a different cable .

Dodgy dock/charger port.......... Get it repaired

You say charger/dock needed a repair...... Sounds like that's the issue.


answered 25 Feb '14, 05:12

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edited 25 Feb '14, 05:14


That made perfect sense, he/she mentioned the port was broken...Lol

(25 Feb '14, 05:18) steste steste's gravatar image

Only solution is a repair shop

(25 Feb '14, 05:21) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

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(25 Feb '14, 05:25) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

I will try another cable, don't have one on hand, will have to pick one up. I already repaired the charger port, and since iTunes recognizes it as in recovery I am assuming the repair was successful. It was already in recovery mode when I got the phone.

(25 Feb '14, 08:43) awebberly awebberly's gravatar image

Try a different cord, turn your computer off and back on, put the phone in DFU mode and then try doing the restore. Sometimes it can take two-three attempts before the restore goes through. Good luck.


answered 25 Feb '14, 09:07

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No..... The dock is broke.... It won't work

(25 Feb '14, 09:09) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Like I said, the dock is repaired, otherwise it the computer wouldn't recognize the connection. I have tried different cables and computers with no success. I am selling it on ebay. That's the link if you want to have a crack at fixing it, I am sure it will go pretty cheap. Thanks everyone for their help, but I am a nursing student and have already given too much time to this thing. Waves white flag

(27 Feb '14, 09:25) awebberly awebberly's gravatar image

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