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I've got an iPhone 3gs from my aunt, it was stuck at "connect to iTunes" since it was bought in USA (and therefore locked to it's original carrier) so I proceeded to jailbreak and try to unlock it with Redsn0w. I'll list what I have done throughout today:

  • Recover with iTunes (official ios 6.1.3)

  • Jailbreak with Redsn0w ticking Install Cydia AND Downgrade from iPad Baseband (this was a mistake, it had BB 5.16). After this, I did a Tethered Boot to try and untether the JB installing P0sixspwn, but couldn't because I couldn't turn Wifi on; the option was greyed out. Obv I had no cellular service because I needed BB 6.15 or 5.13 in order to unlock with ultrasn0w.

  • Flash iPad Baseband with Redsn0w, hoping that it would enable my Wifi. NOPE, same state as before but with BB 6.15.

  • Downgrade from iPad Baseband with Redsn0w, having no effect at all, still in BB 6.15.

  • Downgrade to iOS 4.1 with iTunes and jailbreak again with Redsn0w just to try and see if it fixed something. This just made things worse and the baseband and IMEI stopped showing in the About section of iOS's settings.

  • Tried to re-flash iPad baseband and then re-downgrade BB, nor having any effect at all.

  • Recover iPhone to 6.1.3 through iTunes, JB again through Redsn0w. Baseband version appears again in About.

So, my current phone state is iOS 3.1.6, baseband 6.15 that won't let me downgrade to 5.13, doesn't recognize any sim (no surprises, locked), no WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS.

BTW my serial is 88012JM63NQ so theoretically it was safe to flash iPad BB.

Sorry for the massive wall of text, but I'm really desperate and need to get it to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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It appears that the iPhone's radio was already fried when you got it the very first time.


answered 18 Feb '14, 05:49

A08's gravatar image


Chip,dead.... Op is aware of this from #jailbreakQA


answered 18 Feb '14, 05:58

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edited 18 Feb '14, 05:59

I have the same problem. But my 3gs is factory unlocked. some one who can help both of us please help.


answered 26 Nov '14, 02:30

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That's not the same problem. Open your own question.

(26 Nov '14, 02:56) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

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