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I had upgraded my iP4 4.2.1 to 4.3, because of battery issues, so I had downgraded back to 4.2.1 and now I stuck at recovery mode and Itunes pop-up 1013 error. I used latest itunes, TU, Fixrecovery-DFU, Recboot and iREB to kick out, restart my window XP PC, use other PC, use other USB ports and cable, none of them work. DFU and no DFU while restoring, TSS start normally and edit the hosts file, it remains the same. I did an experiment on my ipod, it works like charm!!! Up and down no problem at all. Most of the Youtube and google instruction demo are using ipod not iphone. For iphone users, think twice before up or down. iphone developer should look into it seriously.

Thank you.

asked 21 Mar '11, 07:03

cvliew's gravatar image


edited 21 Mar '11, 07:04

try to run greenpois0n on top. it may help you get out of recovery. and it will jailbreak it too.


answered 21 Mar '11, 07:54

raviraj%20jailbreak%20guru's gravatar image

raviraj jailbreak guru

edited 21 Mar '11, 07:55

Yes, I did run GP6.1 on top of it. Once finished jailbroke, again it stuck at emergency call with recovery mode. Can't kick out. Do you have any idea how to get out from this recovery mode?

Thank you and appreciate it.

(21 Mar '11, 09:09) cvliew cvliew's gravatar image

Have you been through the comments on the TinyUmbrella site, why does the latest fixrecovery fail for you, what happens?

It probably works on your ipod because it has no baseband.


answered 21 Mar '11, 08:24

venusanann's gravatar image


edited 21 Mar '11, 08:25

I have tried all that. Once restored my device to 4.2.1, I stuck 'recovery loop' and ITUNES pop-up 1013 error. So I kill it and put my device into DFU and run the appropriate executable fixrecovery421 for 4.2.1. At the end of the process, my device go back to recovery loop. No activation screen appear, I did see only "RECOVERY LOOP" on my device. I did have a valid/official sim on my iphone. Now, how am I going to get out?

(21 Mar '11, 09:20) cvliew cvliew's gravatar image

do you have a SHSH blob for 4.2.1? if yes, save them using TinyUmbrella on your computer and use sn0wbreeze to create a custom IPSW. and lastly restore to it.

(21 Mar '11, 09:22) raviraj jailbreak guru raviraj%20jailbreak%20guru's gravatar image

Yes, I have shsh 4.2.1 saved on TU and Cydia. I did try with Sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 to create CFW. I select Expert Mode and uncheck and check hackivation to JB, unfortunately at the end of the process it stuck at emergency call with recovery loop on it.

(21 Mar '11, 09:33) cvliew cvliew's gravatar image

check hactivation.

(21 Mar '11, 09:38) raviraj jailbreak guru raviraj%20jailbreak%20guru's gravatar image

One more thing that I don't quite understand is when I jailbreak with GP6.1 or SB2.21 even though my device in DFU when the jailbreak run apple logo will appear for a while seem like booting but shortly after that it will go back to Recovery Loop. Why this happened? What is the cause actually?

(21 Mar '11, 09:44) cvliew cvliew's gravatar image

Try 2 times check and uncheck hactivation......same

(21 Mar '11, 09:46) cvliew cvliew's gravatar image

are you turning on the TSS server while restore?

(21 Mar '11, 09:57) raviraj jailbreak guru raviraj%20jailbreak%20guru's gravatar image


(21 Mar '11, 10:32) cvliew cvliew's gravatar image

Come on if i don't turn on the TSS server while restore, itunes will pop-up 30xx error

(21 Mar '11, 10:50) cvliew cvliew's gravatar image

Maybe worth tweeting @notcom and see if he can help you.

(21 Mar '11, 12:58) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image
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