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I've noticed that my dock is no longer blurry. I remember having DockShift, but I really can't remember since when my dock is "broken" so to say. Right now, my dock is transparent. And it just has this thin white line that seperates it from the other icons. No, I don't have TransparentDock installed, although I did try to install and remove it just a moment ago to test if it's going to fix it. I cleared my cache - didn't work, I disabled all my Winterboard themes - didn't work, I turned Springtomize 3 off - didn't work, I cleared my UI Cache with the MobileTerminal - didn't work.

What could be causing this?

I have an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.0.4.

Thanks in advance for the help!

asked 04 Feb '14, 19:35

thealexo_O's gravatar image


Have you been responding after all these adjustments? And if you have dockshift why didn't you check that?

(04 Feb '14, 20:18) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

responding? I'll guess you were a victim of AutoCorrect and you meant respringing, then yes, I always did a respring. And I tried changing it with DockShift, it doesn't work! No matter what I choose(and I respring), it doesn't work. Still just transparent. This is just weird stuff..

(04 Feb '14, 20:42) thealexo_O thealexo_O's gravatar image

Yes indeed sir! I meant respring. It sounds like a springtomize 3 and dock shift issue. Because it is still showing the white line above the dock, that makes sense to me. Uninstall both and see if that helps

(04 Feb '14, 22:28) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

Just did that, didn't do anything. How can something so small be so hard to fix ... :(

(04 Feb '14, 22:39) thealexo_O thealexo_O's gravatar image

Install dock shift again ... Click on default option in dock shift settings ... It will make your default dock ... Now uninstall it if you don't want to keep ..


answered 05 Feb '14, 09:21

najaf811's gravatar image


If he hasn't done that already I will have lost all hope in humanity

(05 Feb '14, 09:25) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

Okay, I found the problem... an option in Blurpaper was making my dock all weird, probably it was interfering with some other tweak. I just turned all options for the dock from Blurpaper off, and uninstalled, then after the respring my dock was okay!

I hope this will be helpful to other people that are having similar issues. :)


answered 05 Feb '14, 09:56

thealexo_O's gravatar image


Launch the Settings app, navigate to General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast. > off


answered 05 Jul '14, 13:47

sudheer25's gravatar image


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