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How do I uninstall the stock clock on the lockscreen after I've applied the groovy lock custom lock screen. I'm using Air-O HD theme and it comes with its own groovy lock theme.

Edit: I've applied the custom one but the stock one is still there . Their on top of each other :-/

You have Cydget or some other kind of lockscreen tweak? Mine works fine

(31 Jan '14, 20:00) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image



answered 31 Jan '14, 20:09

rjr112487's gravatar image



Thanks a lot. I don't know why I'm not using common sense in this matter smh.. I'm always having brain farts..! O_o

When yu mentioned customLS I figured I can definitely do it with Springtomize3, and just like that, BAM! I'm good to go. Thnks mate

(31 Jan '14, 20:58) mrvayga mrvayga's gravatar image

Haha no problem man, trust me I have plenty of brain farts myself!

(31 Jan '14, 21:15) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image
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