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So I recently jailbroke my iPhone 4S and for the last couple of days I've been getting a storage almost full message, but I haven't downloaded any apps nor do I have music on my phone. Could I have a potential memory leak? Or something else? Please help!!

I'm running activator, app list, flip switch, GR document import, gr iTunes helper, preference loader, purge, rocket bootstrap, wee loader, and Iihide. Thanks in advance!!!!

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asked 31 Jan '14, 17:13

M4VERICK's gravatar image


edited 31 Jan '14, 17:33

Look in cydia under manage and storage that should show you how much what is taking up

(31 Jan '14, 17:25) RarwMuffinz RarwMuffinz's gravatar image

@RarwMuffinz the area that's taking up the most memory is categorized as "other"

(31 Jan '14, 17:28) M4VERICK M4VERICK's gravatar image

Memory = RAM

storage = HDD

You are talking about two different things. But I'll assume you mean storage. (Memory leak is a ram thing but that error sounds more like a storage problem) so forgive me if the below statement is wrong.

when you go to settings > general > usage what does it say. And I notice when I restore after a jailbreak my other file is about 380-560MB over normal until I go to settings > general > reset - reset to factor defaults (while not jailbroken directly after a restore no backup nothin) and I get the storage back. If you do this while jailbroken you could brick your device don't do it. I don't know what could be filling you up but u should start there. Or open iTunes and see the bar what is filling it.


answered 31 Jan '14, 17:25

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edited 31 Jan '14, 17:27

Yea thanks for clearing that up... checking on it now and it's telling me that the category "other" is taking up the most storage

(31 Jan '14, 17:30) M4VERICK M4VERICK's gravatar image

Do a test for me (if you go this route, which is a restore) can you hover mouse over other and record the amount used. Then restore. Setup as "new decice" (honestly I think if you do a backup it will just come back full again. You can iCloud your contacts. Get photos onto ur PC. And after all is done put ur iTunes library back in on ur own).aftet restore can you look and see how much is in "other" in iTunes, record it. Then do the trick mentioned above by going into settings and "reset to factory defaults." And record "other" one last time. That would mean a lot to me and maybe someone else.

(31 Jan '14, 17:46) fut4va fut4va's gravatar image

@fut4va ok when i checked on itunes it says i have 10gb available but when i check the storage in the settings menu on my phone it says i only have 4.2mbs available, any suggestions?

(31 Jan '14, 18:26) M4VERICK M4VERICK's gravatar image

@fut4va did the restore and got all my memory back thanks for the help!!!!


answered 31 Jan '14, 20:23

M4VERICK's gravatar image


glad it worked!

(31 Jan '14, 23:24) fut4va fut4va's gravatar image
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