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Is there some tweak in ios7 for a delay dim in lock screen?

asked 29 Jan '14, 12:50

Tully177's gravatar image


Are you trying to delay the lockscreen dimming when you just turn on the screen but don't unlock?

(29 Jan '14, 13:22) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

Yes that's it. Thanks for understanding. Any way to do that?

(29 Jan '14, 15:35) Tully177 Tully177's gravatar image

Sorry took so long to respond. I was at work. Help please

(29 Jan '14, 18:17) Tully177 Tully177's gravatar image

Springboard>lockscreen>unlock to phone wallpaper out>duration


answered 29 Jan '14, 20:29

Kenf508's gravatar image


That's the third time you've said it, but it still doesn't make any sense.

(29 Jan '14, 21:21) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

The > symbol represents an arrow. Not a "greater than" sign. You're busting my balls, right?

(29 Jan '14, 21:32) Kenf508 Kenf508's gravatar image

Just trying to help the guy, I give a 100% correct answer and you thumbs down it? What about @imast who was dead balls WRONG! Wow

(29 Jan '14, 21:43) Kenf508 Kenf508's gravatar image

Yes, I get that it's an arrow. Can you explain it in words? Because I'm not following you. (And for the record, not that it matters, I voted down iMast's answer too).

(29 Jan '14, 21:52) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

After you've installed tweak entitled hiddensettings7, enable it in your settings, then you see it when you go into your control center, tap on it, then one of the options is lock screen, so tap on lock screen, scroll to "unlock to phone wallpaper out" you'll then see the word "duration", tap on it and you can adjust the duration until your lock screen dims, I moved mine to .50 I think, so it's like 10 seconds until it dims.

(29 Jan '14, 22:04) Kenf508 Kenf508's gravatar image

Oh, I get it. Sort of. When I wrote "That's the third time you've said it, but it still doesn't make any sense," you had not yet mentioned a word about hiddensettings7, so your comments made no sense at all.

(29 Jan '14, 22:07) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Alright, my bad, I just jail broke my first device last week, and caught on pretty quick to the tweaks and whatnot, I kind of assumed people would know what I was talking about when I gave that quick answer.

(29 Jan '14, 22:16) Kenf508 Kenf508's gravatar image

LOL.. I've been doing this for a couple of years, but you really had me scratching my head. I've only tried out hiddensettings7 once, and there wasn't much there that applied to my iPhone 4, so I uninstalled it. :P

(29 Jan '14, 22:20) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Ha, ya I also assumed EVERYBODY has an iPhone 5 like me lol. But that's a good tweak, kind of complicated to figure out all the stuff it can do, but that was one thing I figured out so I couldn't resist in answering that question, especially after I saw imast calling him a dummy, when imast was the one who was dumb.

(29 Jan '14, 22:32) Kenf508 Kenf508's gravatar image

Thanks guys. That was a big help. Have great day.

(30 Jan '14, 08:14) Tully177 Tully177's gravatar image

You can just change the time limit for AutoLock in the Settings app. In Settings > General > Auto-Lock and set it to the time frame of your choice, you can also set it to never so your screen is always on.


answered 29 Jan '14, 12:57

iMast777's gravatar image


edited 29 Jan '14, 12:58

That's for wallpaper not lock screen.

(29 Jan '14, 13:01) Tully177 Tully177's gravatar image

That is for your lock screen. Here's a guide for dummies.

(29 Jan '14, 13:05) iMast777 iMast777's gravatar image

No need to be a dick about it @iMast777

(29 Jan '14, 13:21) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

Totally wrong @iMast777; this is not for lock screen. It's for springboard. Do u want me to make a guide on differences between lock screen and springboard? Maybe a drawing?

(29 Jan '14, 19:12) anapaulacasseta anapaulacasseta's gravatar image

This place is full of dicks. Just trying to get some help and you slam everyone. Nice.

(29 Jan '14, 19:56) Tully177 Tully177's gravatar image

Springboard>lockscreen>unlock to phone wallpaper out> bang

(29 Jan '14, 20:22) Kenf508 Kenf508's gravatar image


(29 Jan '14, 21:16) Tully177 Tully177's gravatar image

Install hiddensettings7 tweak, then you'll be able to access the springboard settings in your control center. Then just follow the answer I gave.

(29 Jan '14, 21:25) Kenf508 Kenf508's gravatar image
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