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Whenever I open clash of clans it loads about 80% of the way and gets stuck. They say they can't help if your device is jailbroken, but I don't want to unjailbreak it. Is there anyway I can get it to work? I have a 4th gen iPod 6.1.3. If there's like a tweak or hack I can get to make it work please let me know. Thanks

asked 28 Jan '14, 15:34

ASAPJOSEPH's gravatar image


edited 28 Jan '14, 15:46

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

Have you tried reinstalling Clash of Clans?

(28 Jan '14, 15:36) cgDEV cgDEV's gravatar image

What have you installed in cydia?

(28 Jan '14, 15:46) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

I have uninstalled it around 3 times. Is there anything I have installed in cydia that would effect it? I uninstalled free in app but that didn't help

(28 Jan '14, 16:01) ASAPJOSEPH ASAPJOSEPH's gravatar image

Err... don't tell them it is jailbroken?

(28 Jan '14, 16:03) mikewsw17 mikewsw17's gravatar image

I didn't ask them that's what it says on a help website for clash of clans

(28 Jan '14, 16:33) ASAPJOSEPH ASAPJOSEPH's gravatar image

I didn't ask if you had asked them. I said don't tell them you are JB'd. Do you think they'll come round to your drum to fix it? They cannot know via mail/chat/phone you are JB'd unless you tell them.

(28 Jan '14, 18:29) mikewsw17 mikewsw17's gravatar image

If you had piracy ("I uninstalled free app stuff") you should restore. Clash of clans opens fine on jailbroken devices


answered 28 Jan '14, 16:18

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

Not to sound stupid, but how do I restore? Does that remove the jailbreak stuff?

(28 Jan '14, 16:32) ASAPJOSEPH ASAPJOSEPH's gravatar image

Just go into iTunes and hit restore. Yes, you will lose your jailbreak.

(28 Jan '14, 17:24) Will0401 Will0401's gravatar image

You can get Flex from Cydia and find a patch for Clash Of Clans not to detect a jail broken device.


answered 28 Jan '14, 17:57

tv1234's gravatar image


I had the same problem, I dont have appsync I keep to the rules of jailbreaking, but I also went to the site and I thought the jailbreak broke the app but I just rebooted device and it fixed it, hope it works


answered 28 Jan '14, 23:07

Troll%20master's gravatar image

Troll master

If u do something in ifile for havk clash of clans then delete ifile and open game


answered 07 Apr '14, 22:50

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edited 08 Apr '14, 02:59

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Tilerone ♦


This question was resolved in January,2 months ago.We apreciate your help,but please stop answering on old threads

(09 Apr '14, 03:16) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

Try reinstalling SBSettings if you have it installed, I get this issue sometimes and it appears to fix it.


answered 08 Apr '14, 08:06

jamerst's gravatar image


This question was resolved in January,2 months ago.We apreciate your help,but please stop answering on old threads

(09 Apr '14, 03:17) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image
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